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Title matter

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Author Topic: Title matter  (Read 28 times)
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« on: December 29, 2022, 03:12:28 am »

Ferguson Wright Hume was born in the Malvern Hills village of Powick in 1859 (Elgar in his youth served for a time there as band-master).

He was educated in New Zealand at Otago Boys' High School and the University of Otago. He never married.

This book has twenty-four chapters:

1) The Advertisement
2) Dr. Forge
3) Miss Wharf at Home
4) Rupert's Secret
5) Concerning the Fan
6) Burgh's Story
7) The Warning
8) The Beginning of the Ball
9) The End of the Ball
10) A Mysterious Case
11) The Canton Adventure
12) At the Inquest
13) The Will
14) A Mysterious Letter
15) The Rotherhithe Den
16) The Fan Mystery
17) A Disappearance
18) A Surprise
19) A Visitor
20) The Mandarin Explains
21) Who is Guilty?
22) After Events
23) The Chase
24) The Fulfilled Prophecy

Altogether Hume published more than a hundred and thirty novels, most of them mystery stories:

    The Mystery of a Hansom Cab (1886)
    Professor Brankel's Secret (1886)
    Madame Midas (1888)
    The Girl from Malta (1889)
    The Piccadilly Puzzle (1889)
    The Gentleman Who Vanished: A Psychological Phantasy (1890)
    Miss Mephistopheles (1890)
    The Man with a Secret (1890)
    The Year of Miracle: A Tale of the Year One Thousand Nine Hundred (1891)
    A Creature of the Night (1891)
    Monsieur Judas (1891)
    When I Lived in Bohemia: Papers Selected from the Portfolio of Peter ---, Esq (1891)
    Whom God Hath Joined (1891)
    The Black Carnation (1892)
    Aladdin in London (1892)
    The Fever of Life (1892)
    The Island of Fantasy (1892)
    The Man with a Secret (1892)
    The Chinese Jar (1893)
    The Harlequin Opal (1893)
    The Nameless City: A Rommany Romance (1893)
    A Speck of the Motley (1893)
    The Lone Inn (1894)
    The Mystery of Landy Court (1894)
    The Best of Her Sex (1894)
    The Gates of Dawn (1894)
    A Midnight Mystery (1894)
    The Crime of Liza Jane (1895)
    The White Prior (1895)
    The Masquerade Mystery (1895)
    The Expedition of Captain Flick (1896)
    The Carbuncle Clue (1896)
    A Marriage Mystery (1896)
    Tracked by a Tattoo (1896)
    Claude Duval of Ninety-Five (1897)
    The Tombstone Treasure (1897)
    The Clock Struck One (1898)
    The Rainbow Feather (1898)
    The Devil-Stick (1898)
    Lady Jezebel (1898)
    Under One Cover (1898)
    The Red-Headed Man (1899)
    The Silent House in Pimlico (1899)
    The Indian Bangle (1899)
    The Crimson Cryptogram (1900)
    Shylock of the River (1900)
    The Vanishing of Tera (1900)
    The Bishop's Secret (1900)
    The Lady from Nowhere (1900)
    A Traitor in London (1900)[8]
    The Millionaire Mystery (1901)
    The Crime of the Crystal (1901)
    The Golden Wang-Ho (1901)
    The Mother of Emeralds (1901)
    A Woman's Burden (1901)
    The Pagan's Cup (1902)
    The Turnpike House (1902)
    Woman: The Sphinx (1902)
    A Coin of Edward VII (1903)
    The Jade Eye (1903)
    The Silver Bullet (1903)
    The Yellow Holly (1903)
    The Guilty House (1903)
    The Miser's Will (1903)
    The Mandarin's Fan (1904)
    The Wheeling Light (1904)
    The Red Window (1904)
    The Lonely Church (1904)
    The White Room (1904)
    The Secret Passage (1905)
    Lady Jim of Curzon Street (1905)
    The Opal Serpent (1905)
    The Fatal Song (1905)
    The Scarlet Bat (1905)
    The Wooden Hand (1905)
    The Mystery of the Shadow (1906)
    The Black Patch (1906)
    Jonah's Luck (1906)
    The Purple Fern (1907)
    The Yellow Hunchback (1907)
    The Amethyst Cross (1908)
    Flies in the Web (1908)
    The Sealed Message (1908)
    The Green Mummy (1908)
    The Crowned Skull (1908)
    The Mystery of a Motor Cab (1908)
    The Sacred Herb (1908)
    The Devil's Ace (1909)
    The Solitary Farm (1909)
    The Top Dog (1909)
    The Disappearing Eye (1909)
    The Peacock of Jewels (1910)
    The Lonely Subaltern (1910)
    The Mikado Jewel (1910)
    The Spider (1910)
    The Steel Crown (1911)
    High Water Mark (1911)
    The Jew's House (1911)
    The Pink Shop (1911)
    The Rectory Governess (1911)
    The Mystery Queen (1912)
    The Blue Talisman (1912)
    Red Money (1912)
    Across the Footlights (1912)
    Mother Mandarin (1912)
    A Son of Perdition: An Occult Romance (1912)
    The Curse (1913)
    In Queer Street (1913)
    Seen in the Shadow (1913)
    The Thirteenth Guest (1913)
    The Lost Parchment (1914)
    The 4 PM Express (1914)
    Not Wanted (1914)
    Answered (1915)
    The Caretaker (1915)
    The Red Bicycle (1916)
    The Grey Doctor (1917)
    The Silent Signal (1917)
    Heart of Ice (1918)
    The Black Image (1918)
    Next Door (1918)
    Crazy-Quilt (1919)
    The Master-Mind (1919)
    The Dark Avenue (1920)
    The Other Person (1920)
    The Singing Head (1920)
    The Woman Who Held On (1920)
    Three (1921)
    The Unexpected (1921)
    A Trick of Time (1922)
    The Moth-Woman (1923)
    The Whispering Lane (1924)
    The Caravan Mystery (1926)
    The Last Straw (1932)

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