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March 27, 2023, 09:21:17 pm
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In practice 2

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Author Topic: In practice 2  (Read 60 times)
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« on: October 23, 2022, 06:56:53 am »

The last drops of the thunder-shower had hardly ceased falling when the pedestrian stuffed his map into his pocket, settled his pack more comfortably on his tired shoulders, and stepped out from the shelter of a large chestnut tree into the middle of the road. A violent yellow sunset was pouring through a rift in the clouds to westward, but straight ahead over the hills the sky was the colour of dark slate. Every tree and blade of grass was dripping, and the road shone like a river.

A - indefinite article, introducing a new discourse referent
violent - attributive adjective of extent
yellow - attributive adjective of colour
sunset - natural phenomenon, singular countable noun, subject of main clause

was - auxiliary; with a present participle it forms the past progressive tense of a verb
pouring - present participle, forming with "was" a past progressive indicative active intransitive verb

through - directional preposition, an adjunct of the verb "pouring"
a - indefinite article
rift - singular countable noun, complement of "through"

in - preposition of location, an adjunct of the noun "rift"
the - definite article, refers to something already mentioned
clouds - plural countable noun, complement of "in"

to - preposition of location, an adjunct of the noun "clouds", progressively towards
westward - adverb of location, the westerly direction, complement of "to"

but - adversative co-ordinating conjunction, presents a clause of contrast or exception

straight - adverb of direction: as if following a direct line
ahead - adverb of position - towards the front

over - preposition of location, adjunct of "ahead"
the - definite article used because the identity of the plural referent should be common knowledge
hills - plural countable noun, complement of "over"
the - definite article, used when the identity of the referent is obvious
sky - singular uncountable noun, head of the main clause
was - singular transitive copulative past indicative of "be", indicates that the subject had the qualities described by the noun

the - definite article
colour - singular countable noun, a particular spectral composition, indicating a quality of the subject of the main clause

of - preposition, adjunct of "colour"
dark - adjective of colour
slate - uncountable noun,  complement of "of"
Every - determiner, all of a countable group
tree - noun, singular countable, a perennial woody plant
and - connects two noun phrases
blade - singular countable noun, the narrow leaf of a grass or cereal.

of - preposition, adjunct of "blade"
grass - uncountable noun, complement of "of"

was - auxiliary; with a present participle it forms the past progressive tense of a verb
dripping - present participle, forming with "was" a past progressive indicative active intransitive verb

comma - the "Oxford comma", separating the final item of a list as well as the conjunction "and"

and - coordinating conjunction, simply connects two clauses or sentences

the - definite article
road - singular countable noun
shone - active intransitive verb, pręterite tense

like - preposition, adjunct of "shone"
a - indefinite article, refers to any member of the class named by a noun
river - noun, complement of "like"

<b>The Definite</b>
- What is the pedestrian's name?
-- We don't know his name

<b>The Probable</b>
- What did he do?
-- Usual/probable course: when HEAVY rain - take SHELTER - WAIT for it - to STOP

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