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Music of Edward Schaffer

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Author Topic: Music of Edward Schaffer  (Read 3922 times)
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« on: July 13, 2019, 07:47:46 am »

Quiet Night, Op 129   
Quiet Night for Brass, Op 129a   
Variations on Niles', 'I Wonder as I Wander', Op 130   
Interdimsenional Sonorities, Op 131   
Song of the Up Quarks - Two-Thirds Positive, Op 132   
And In Those Days There Were Dragons, Op 133   
The Condors are Free Again, Op 134   
Song For Tibet, Op 135   
Barren Snowscape, Op 136   
Tongue in Cheek, for Piano, Op 137   
Dr Fermata's Lives of the Reeds, Backstage at Symphony Hall, Op 138   
Prelude in the Locrian Mode and 9-8ths Meter, Op 139   
Dimensional Sonorities, Op 140   
Dialogue of the Muses, Op 141   
Scherzo in c minor, Op 142   
Aslan of Narnia, Op 143   
   Aslan And Lucy
Vanilla Latte - The Coffee House Barrista, Op 144   
Morning on the Oligocene Savanna, Op 145   
The River Anduin - Tribute to JRR Tolkien, Op 146   
Episodes from a Man's Life, Op 147   
A Spector of a Poker Game - The Haunted House, Op 148   
The Aviary at the San Diego Zoo, Op 149   
O Vast Rondure - Tribute to Walt Whitman, Op 150   
Helios, The Charioteer, Op 151   
Upon the Approach to the Event Horizon, Op 152   
The Awakening, Op 153   
Emperor Penguins, Op 154   
The Year 2008 Ends, Op 155   
Mission to Serpo, Op 156   
Sunday Morning in the Park with Emma DeBergerac, Op 157   
Poeme for Violin And Strings, Op 158   
The Winds of Nazca, Op 159   
Ataensic, Mother of the Iroquois, Op 160   
The Cicadas of Bedford County, Op 161   
Before the Big Bang, There Was Only God, Op 162   
Rorschach, Inkblots in Tones, Op 163   
Amiable Titan-Valet, The Super Poodle Pup, Op 164   
Variations on Arbeau's Pavanne, Op 165   
Eerie Unquiet, Op 166   
Towards the Light, Op 167   
The Enchanted Forest, Op 168   
   1. In the Forest - The Traveler Meets Gia
   2. In the Village - Meeting the Chief
   3. In the Lair of the Troll Mage
   4. Gia's Prayer Before the Battle
   5. Battle and Conclusion - The Traveler Departs
Ominous Clouds, Op 169   
The Squid - Avoiding Becoming Fried Calamari, Op 170   
Dust Devil on Mars, Op 171   
Reflections, Op 172   
Macadamia, A Nut Without a Ukelele, Op 173   
The Old Utility Pole in the Meadow, Op 174   
Interstate 5 at Night, Op 175   
A Multiversian Mysterium of a Diabolical Mind, Op 176   
Turner Pictures II, Op 177   
   1. Colour Beginning
   2. Glaucus and Scylla
   3. Decline of the Carthiginian Empire
Dawn on Battle Day, Op 178   
Prelude in f minor, (Live), Op 179   
Prelude in f minor, (Virtual Instruments), Op 179-Virtual Instr   
Dracula On a Trip - The Hazards of Odorless Garlic, Op 180   
Symphonic Lesson - The Devistation Tyrants Can Bring on Their People, Op 181   
Song of Irony, Op 182   
In Search of Tonality, Op 183   
Soliloquiy for Cor Anglais and Strings, Op 184   
The Somber Caldera of Mt St Helens, Op 184a   
Windsong, Op 185   
Symphony  9, Clouds, Op 186   
   1 Cumulus
   2 Stratus
   3 Nimbus
   4 Cirrus
Mercury Vapor Street Lamp - The Legend of Pizzicato Cat, Op 187   
Quantum Mechanics-Beauty at the Bottom of the Universe, Op 188   
The Legend of Oisian, Op 189   
The Demise of Betelgeux, Op 190   
Quiet Sun, Op 191   
Curious Day With Rufus Hot Sauce, Op 192   
The Pillars of Bouryngsleigh, Op 193   
The Zoo of Rush Hour, Op 194   
The Second Book of Primes, Op 195   
Haunted Skies, Op 196   
Rats Above the Ceiling Tiles, Op 197   
Solitude, Op 198   
The Great Expanse, Op 199   
Symphony 10, The Desert, Op 200   
   1. Upon an Endless Sea of Sand
   2. The Song of the Night
   3. The Power of Wind
   4. Mirage on the Distant Horizon
Tangerines, Grapefruit, And Limes - No Respect from Oranges and Lemons, Op 201   
Improvisation on Ripon's 'How Firm a Foundation', Op 202   
Prelude in d minor for Strings, Op 203   
Symphony 11, In Medieval Times, Op 204   
   1. Procession
   2. Fervor
   3. Easter
Praesaepe, for String Quartet, Op 205   
What the Eagle Saw, Op 206   
Symphony 12, Op 207   
   1 Rondo
   2 Nocturnesque
   3 Scherzo
   4 Allegro risoluto
All Things Devours - Bilbo's Riddle, Op 208   
Symphony 13, Op 209   
   1 Allegro - andante - allegro
   2 Cantabile
   3 Scherzo
   4 Allegro risoluto
The Ice Fog of Little Diomede, Op 210   
Joshua Tree, Sentinel of the Desert, Op 211   
Along the Shore - The Sea, Op 212   
In the Manner of Debussy, Op 213   
Statist March, and Adulation - But No Hope, Op 214   
Ike, The Gentle Yeti Poodle Pup, Op 215   
Zanskar, Op 216   
Moonless Graveyard, Op 217   
The Hounds of Anwyn, Op 218   
Hunting Song of the Seeonee Pack (Kipling), Op 219   
A Time for Everything, Op 220   
Twilight, Op 221   
Symphony 14, The Universe in Youth, Op 222   
   1. God Makes The Big Bang, Order from Chaos
   2. Eternal Darkness - Perpetual Night In Primordial Soup
   3. Expansion at the Speed of Light in All Directions
   4. Hydrogen Condenses to Glowing Orbs - Solar Systems Born
Fantasy on the Civil War Tune, 'Tenting Tonight', Op 223   
Tarantella, Op 224   
Torres del Paine, Op 225   
Canon and Contemplation, Op 226   
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