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Title: World's oldest musical instrument discovered (35,000 years old)
Post by: Reiner Torheit on June 30, 2009, 06:58:41 am

An ancient bone flute has been unearthed, in near-complete condition, in SW Germany.  Archaelogists date the stone-age dig to be approx 35,000 years old.  Two other fragmentary instruments of a similar type were also found - indicating (according to the archaelogist) a society which put a high value on music.  The instrument found has carefully-made finger-holes that suggest they were drilled and then filed with care and precision, to produce the exact intonation the maker/player had wanted.  This instrument represents a culture who already knew how to make these instruments well - it's not a prototype or "experimental" version, but a well-made playing instrument.

THE NEW YORK TIMES reports (with photographs): (