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Title: Astrolinguistics
Post by: greek on July 06, 2022, 04:54:11 am
Astrolinguistics, by Alexander Ollongren - Design of a Linguistic System for Interstellar Communication based on Logic

The point of view taken in this treatise is that a lingua cosmica for interstellar message construction should have multilevel structure—the new LINCOS as described in this book is therefore a linguistic system , albeit in a restricted sense. A natural language is also a system in which one can distinguish aspects as syntax and semantics—but also pronunciation and representation of phonemes, words, and sentences in writing, all of these strongly interconnected. In LINCOS the situation is different: the levels are rather loosely connected. In the simplest case one is concerned with two levels: a message consists at one level of a text in some natural language supplemented, at another ( meta ) level, with descriptive annotations in a formal system, in our case LINCOS. A third level may be employed to give additional information, on the text or concerning the annotations. In general the annotations do not pretend to give complete descriptions of the (essentially logic) contents of the text concerned. At all levels linear notation is employed—this is evidently important when considering actual transmission of messages in interstellar space. We are mainly concerned with annotations at the secondary level and we keep strictly linear notation in the book as well. (

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