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Title: Max Von Schillings (1868-1933)
Post by: cilgwyn on May 11, 2022, 01:36:28 pm

They play beautifully,but I'm not sure,at this stage,that allot of isn't (while pleasent enough) a load of romantic noodling without any identifiable themes or motives,let alone tunes! To be fair,the String Quartet is an early work,though! I do like the Mucha on the front,though. There was a time when they seemed to sell Mucha poster's almost everywhere. Still,the Zemlinsky String Quartet's took me a while to crack,so I live in hope!
I did enjoy listening to Mona Lisa recently. No,not the Nat King Cole hit?! ;D The opera by Schillings. I listened to it via the Walhall 2 cd transfer of an old 1953 German radio broacast in very clear mono! The stereo Cpo set being deleted and only available at extortionate price from various Sellers. (Albeit,an affordable copy from a German Seller who once gave me false return addresses,twice,for a cd box set covered in filth!! :o :( ) I somehow doubt the Cpo set would have such good singing as the performers on that old 1953 recording. But it would be nice to hear the orchestration in glorious stereo! By the way,did I mention that Schillings was an enthusiastic Nazi and anti-semite?! He died in 1933. Would he have balked,at some point,at the atrocities that were committed? We'll never know! I believe in taking a composer's music on it's own terms. Other's don't! It helps that Schillings has been dead for a very long time & I bought this cd for under a fiver,second hand! I do think there is something very intriguing about the way beautiful music can pour out from the pen of an unpleasant sounding individual! It seems such a strange contradiction in human terms. D'indy is another one! I do like some of his music. Indeed,I think some of it is of a very high quality. I'll leave him for a future post,though!

Update! I think this music is growing on me a little! Nice Mucha,anyway! ::) ;D