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Title: Alexander Mackenzie Piano Music
Post by: Albion on October 03, 2021, 11:01:07 pm
Another excellent review of AMF member Chris Howell's first volume of piano music by Sir Alexander Campbell Mackenzie (1847-1935) - (

Three volumes are now available, as far as I know: ( ( (

( ( (

A wonderful project. I understand that there are problems obtaining these releases and have emailed Sheva.


Title: Re: Alexander Mackenzie Piano Music
Post by: Chriskh on October 04, 2021, 05:09:22 pm
I have only now become aware of this, but it seems that Ermanno De Stefani, the Sheva owner, has noticed that I have issued a couple of discs (so far, Stanford Songs and Debussy Preludes) with Da Vinci Editions and, in a fit of childish rage, has cancelled all my CDs from his catalogue (Stanford complete piano music, Mackenzie complete piano music, Cowen Songs, An Englishman in Italy with Bache's complete Souvenir's d'Italie, British Flute with the CH Horsley Sonata, Rossetti settings including Coleridge-Taylor, Scott and many others, just to name the more significant ones). I had no contract with De Stefani (I had several times proposed one but he always found reasons for not producing one) and was therefore breaching no agreement by placing my wares elsewhere.

More important artists than me have changed label from time to time and I don't know of any case where the previous label has promptly deleted everything.

This being so, I see nothing to stop me from attempting to place the more important issues with another company, but this may take time, and another company may feel that many potential buyers have already bought their copies. Some new projects are under way with Da Vinci Editions.