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Title: Administration style
Post by: Admin on March 15, 2021, 10:39:16 pm
This is a friendly forum: the style of choice is admin-light.

We simply rely on our members to report any unusual or potentially dangerous activity on the forum to the moderators via personal message, in which case such activity will be swiftly dealt with.

Title: Re: Administration style
Post by: Admin on July 02, 2021, 04:55:51 pm
A couple of members have commented adversely by PM on the "levity" and propensity for inclusion of illustrations here at AMF. The often bi-partitite conversations, particularly regarding "What are you listening to?" has also has been criticised.

I'm sorry, but this is essentially a friendly forum, whose style should suit ALL members. If that chat involves what is (often in extremely illuminating detail) currently being listened to then so be it!

Members are more than welcome to instigate (and thenceforward actively participate in) erudite historio-musicological and analytical discussion here at AMF. Indeed several other forums with this remit exist to my knowledge. Here at AMF members are encouraged to inaugurate such topics of their choosing, and precipitate responses themselves, but this is not mandatory.