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Title: Stefania Turkewich-Lukianovych (1898-1977, Ukraine) - 1st Symphony
Post by: guest224 on October 22, 2020, 04:46:33 pm
Stefania Turkewich-Lukianovych (1898-1977) - 1st Symphony - world premiere (

About the composer - (

The world premiere of Stefania Turkevich’s First Symphony is the culmination of a unique and strategically important Ukrainian Live Classic cultural project.
Collegium, Lviv Organ Hall and the Galician Music Society with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation created the first Ukrainian mobile application that presents classical music of Ukraine and will present the development on October 15 with a bright concert featuring two works of Ukrainian musical culture: Symphony G1 (1937) the first Ukrainian female composer Stefania Turkevych (1898-1977), and a harp concerto with the orchestra of Gennady Lyashenko.
This event will be a practical demonstration of the mobile application, because the works during the concert will be recorded specifically to replenish its music fund.

In the program:
Stefania Turkevich - Symphony II (1937)
Gennady Lyashenko - Concerto for Harp and String Orchestra (1987)

Oksana Kulik - harp
Ukrainian Festival Orchestra
Ivan Ostapovych is a conductor

The following are working on the project:
Project Director Taras Demko
Artistic director Ivan Ostapovych
Coordinator Volodymyr Olshansky
Administrator Victor Pylypyshyn
Communication - Diana, Kolomoyets, Arseniy Diskovsky
Musicologists - prof. Lyubov Kiyanovska, Teresa Mazepa, Natalia Syrotynska and GMT experts.
Lawyer - Taras Romanishin.

Ukrainian Live Classic -
Aims - to promote through the mobile application and media platform "UKRAINIAN LIVE CLASSIC" musical cultural heritage of Ukraine, to distribute multimedia recordings of works by Ukrainian composers known and unknown, to make classics popular, guided by the best world trends, distributing accessible and useful interactive content on our pages applications and media platforms - to give a “second breath” to unjustly forgotten works of art and their creators in Ukraine and abroad. Promote the development of Ukrainian culture through the introduction of innovations, digital technologies and digitalization in the field of Ukrainian culture!
UL invites you to open a fresh page of unique musical traditions of the great country.

Ukrainian classics in the first mobile application is available in one click, after centuries of historical challenges it sounds free, overcoming borders.

Title: Re: Stefania Turkewich-Lukianovych (1898-1977, Ukraine) - 1st Symphony
Post by: Sicmu on May 29, 2021, 03:24:10 pm
Stephania Turkevych - Lukianovych  (1898-1977)

Symphony № 2 (1952) (

Title: Re: Stefania Turkewich-Lukianovych (1898-1977, Ukraine) - 1st Symphony
Post by: guest377 on May 29, 2021, 07:39:48 pm
Thank you !!!