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Title: Turkish Music
Post by: Toby Esterhase on September 06, 2012, 02:01:33 pm
Works by :

Ahmet Adnan Saygun - Köroğlu.mp3
Ahmet Adnan Saygun - Op. 41 Folk Songs 1.Mavilim.mp3
Ahmet Adnan Saygun - Op. 41 Folk Songs 2.Koroglu.mp3
Ahmet Adnan Saygun - Op. 41 Folk Songs 3.Bozlak.mp3
Ahmet Adnan Saygun - Op. 41 Folk Songs 4.Güvercin.mp3
Ahmet Adnan Saygun - Op. 41 Folk Songs 5.Hayvanat.mp3
Ahmet Adnan Saygun - Op.15 Sonatindan Horon.mp3
Ahmet Adnan Saygun - Senfoni 3 Bolum.mp3
Ahmet Adnan Saygun - Sonatina-Allegro-Adagioconmoto-Pressimo-Horon.mp3
Ali Darmar - Piyano Sonatindan 2 ve 3. Bolumler.mp3
Aydin Esen - Equals II.mp3
Betin Gunes - Zubis.mp3
Cemal Resid Rey - Andante Allegrodan Allegro Bolumu.mp3
Cemal Resid Rey - Enstantanelerden Bayram.mp3
Cengiz Tanc - Lirik Koncerto dan Bolumler.mp3
Ferit Tüzün - Esintiler_1.mp3
Ferit Tüzün - Esintiler_2.mp3
Ferit Tüzün - Esintiler_3.mp3
Hasan Ferit Alnar - Keman Piyano Suitinden Scherzo.mp3
İlhan Baran - Agit-Elegy.mp3
İlhan Baran - Aksak.mp3
İlhan Baran - Cosku-Emotion.mp3
İlhan Baran - Devinim-PerpetualMobility.mp3
İlhan Baran - Dialogue.mp3
İlhan Baran - Ezgi-Tune.mp3
İlhan Baran - Horon.mp3
İlhan Baran - imge-image.mp3
İlhan Baran - Ninni-Lullaby.mp3
İlhan Baran - Oyun Havasi.mp3
İlhan Baran - Şaka-Joke.mp3
İlhan Baran - Uzun Hava.mp3
İlhan Baran - Zeybek 2.mp3
Ilhan Mimaroglu - Prelud (Elektronik).mp3
Ilhan Usmanbas - Perpetuum Mobile.mp3
Kamran Ince - Bizansin Dususu Senfonisi(Giris).mp3
Necil Kazim Akses - Oda Koncertosu 2.Bolum.mp3
Necil Kazim Akses - Scherzo 1972.mp3
Ulvi Cemal Erkin - Agiato.mp3
Ulvi Cemal Erkin - Aglama Yar.mp3
Ulvi Cemal Erkin - Allegro.mp3
Ulvi Cemal Erkin - Kagni.mp3
Ulvi Cemal Erkin - Kocekce.mp3
Ulvi Cemal Erkin - Kucukcoban.mp3
Ulvi Cemal Erkin - Mars.mp3
Ulvi Cemal Erkin - Oyun.mp3
Ulvi Cemal Erkin - Saka.mp3
Ulvi Cemal Erkin - Senfoni No.1 Scherzo.mp3
Ulvi Cemal Erkin - Zeybek.mp3
Yalcin Tura - Enginlerden Yucelerden Halay Havasi.mp3

IMHO they aren't available on cd (particularly outside Turkey)

Title: Turkish Music
Post by: jowcol on September 18, 2012, 09:40:06 pm
Ilhan Usmanbas -- Symphony 3

Symphony 3 by Turkish Composer Ilhan Usmanbas
NOTE:  I've seen this composer's last name spelled a couple of different ways, but Elroel has clarified that the proper spelling should be : İlhan Usmanbaş

Dannish Radio Orchestra
Arsino Tamayo, conductor
Date: 27 October 1983

MP3, 192 kps
Not commercially released.

From the collection of Karl Miller
Download Link: (

NOTE:  Elroel has pointed out that the announcer has said (in German)  that only  Parts 2, 4, and 6 of this Symphony are played in this broadcast.

Some Wikipedia info about the composer:

İlhan Usmanbaş (born 28 September 1921) is a Turkish composer.

Born in Istanbul, Usmanbaş grew up in Ayvalık. When he was twelve years old, his elder brother gave him a cello, and began to teach himself to play.

After moving back to Istanbul, he studied the cello seriously. His maths teacher, a lover of music, advised Usmanbaş to give up the career that he had planned for himself: "We have enough engineers in Turkey. You should be a composer instead."[1]

After graduating from Galatasaray High School, Usmanbaş went on to study under members of the Turkish Five – Cemal Reşit Rey, Ahmet Adnan Saygun, Hasan Ferit Alnar, Ulvi Cemal Erkin, and Necil Kazım Akses – and David Zirkin, at Ankara State Conservatory.

In 1952, he went to the United States on a UNESCO scholarship, where he came under the influence of American pioneers of new and experimental music. In 1955 he received a FROMM Music Award, in 1971 he became a State Artist; in 1993 he received a gold medal from the Sevda Cenap And Foundation, in 2000 Boğaziçi University awarded him an honorary doctorate, and in 2004 he was presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award at the 32nd Istanbul International Music Festival, he is teacher of Music at Istanbul Bilgi University.

Usmanbaş is an experimental composer, one of the second generation of Turkish composers, coming after the Five (and opposed to their ideas). He works with a freedom of form and a concentration on intensity rather than melody, with techniques that include neo-classicism, aleatoric music, twelve tone, serialism, and minimalism.

He has composed nearly 120 works, and has won more foreign awards and citations than any other Turkish composer, including commissions from the Koussevitzky foundation in the United States, and prizes from the Wieniawski competition in Poland, the International Composers Tribune in Paris, and the International Competition for Ballet Music in Switzerland.

Usmanbaş is married to opera singer Atıfet Usmanbaş.

Title: Re: Turkish Music
Post by: guest224 on August 04, 2022, 01:41:20 am
Four Orchestral Works from Turkey

Erkin, Ulvi Cemal (1906-1972) - Kőkçeçe
Saygun, Ahmed Adnan (1907-1991) - Five Folk Songs (Mavilim (My Blue One); Bozlak; Güvercin (Dove); Hayvanların Destanı; Köroğlu)
Akses, Necil Kâzım (1908-1999) - Scherzo
Tüzün, Ferit (1929-1977) - Inspirations

Budapest Philharmonic Orchestra, Hikmet Şimşek
* Ayhan Baran (bass, in Saygun's Five Folk Songs)

from a Qualiton LP (