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Title: Boris Maizel Soviet composer (1907 - 1986)
Post by: guest377 on January 26, 2020, 12:50:52 am
I recently ran into a lot of music scores of Boris Maizel.. who was an understudy of M Shteinberg at the Leningrad Cons. and later settled in Moscow in 1945.  There are several scores of his symphonies and tone poems.   However, I don't see any recordings of his works.      A quick search on the internet does not produce much information.   Anyone know anything about this composer??

Boris Sergeyevich MAIZEL [b. June 4(17), 1907, Saint-Petersburg] — was a Soviet composer. Meritorious man of art of Buryat Autonomous Republic (1959). In 1936 he graduated from Leningrad Conservatory majoring in composition in the class of P.B. Ryazanov. In 1942–1944 he lived in Sverdlovsk, since 1944 — in Moscow.

 Most of Maizel’s creative works are big symphonic pieces. He contributed considerably to the ballet art of Buryatia. His ballet “In the Name of Love” (1958, Ulan-Ude; co-produced with J. A. Batuev) based on Buryatian epos was performed during the Buryatian Art Festival in Moscow in 1959. Among his works are symphonic suite “Letters from My Windmill” based on works of Alphonse Daudet (1955) and flute and French horn double concerto for orchestra (1971).

His other works include an opera “The Shadow of the Past” (1965), ballets “Snow Queen” (1941), “Golden Candle” (1958, co-produced with J.A. Batuev), “Sombrero” (1961, Ulan-Ude), musical choreoghraphic poem “Far Away Planet” (based on symphonic poem, 1963, Leningrad, Kirov Theatre), 8 symphonies for orchestra (1939-1973), symphonic suites “Leningrad” (1943), “Far Away Planet” (1961), “Leningrad Novella” (1968), “Through Old Russians Towns” (1975), double violin and flute concerto for orchestra (1946); 2 string quartets (1937, 1974); sonatas: for cello and flute (1934), organ (1937), flute (1938); instrumental pieces, collections of romances with lyrics by Heinrich Heine, Alexander Pushkin, Mikhail Lermontov, Federico Garcнa Lorca, Evgeny Evtushenko; children songs, music for documentary and science films.

found this on Ruslania