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Title: cellist George Neikrug (1919-2019)
Post by: Latvian on March 13, 2019, 07:24:40 pm
Renowned cellist George Neikrug passed away last week, two days after reaching his 100th birthday. Best known among collectors as the soloist in Stokowski's 1960 recording of Bloch's Schelomo with the Symphony of the Air, he made relatively few other recordings. However, he spent many years as an orchestral principal cellist and highly respected teacher. Here's a quick bio:

My younger daughter had the privilege of studying privately with him for four years when he was in his early nineties and reported that he was an amazing, inspirational teacher. Apart from the technique, interpretation, and tradition he imparted to her, his knowledge of movement and anatomy was unique. When she began studying with him she was suffering from painful tendinitis. He quickly diagnosed the root of the problem, adjusting her posture, and hand, arm and body positions and movements. Soon the condition cleared up and she has never had a problem again with it. He was in great demand in helping musicians around the world overcome physical ailments and difficulties -- professionals and students -- on many instruments.

According to my daughter, he was especially fond of his time as principal cellist in Hollywood studio orchestras. His cello solos can be heard in Spartacus, Shane, and many other films. I also seem to recall reading somewhere (though I can't find the reference now) that he was the cello soloist in the Beatles' recording of "Eleanor Rigby."