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Title: Symphony in C minor
Post by: guest756 on February 21, 2019, 01:01:45 am
I'd like to present to you my Symphony in C minor and I would very much appreciate your impressions - thank you! 

I. Andante /Allegro con brio ed appassionato (C Major / C minor)


0:01 Andante, a choral, first in solemn C Major by solo horns, later tragically turning into C minor
2:54 Allegro con brio ed appassionato, C minor, 6/8, Exposition
6:33 Development
9:16 Recapitulation
12:57 Coda
  14:38 resuming the choral theme
  15:07 Presto  (score)

II. Andante cantabile
An Andante with 7 variations on the theme which Beethoven sketched for the second movement of his planned 10th symphony in 1825.

III. Scherzo

Among Beethoven's sketches for a 10th symphony from 1825 there are the opening 24 measures for a Scherzo (titled 'Presto') and the 7 measure theme for a  Trio as a middle part of the movement. This Scherzo theme is one of the most furious and powerful Scherzo themes I know, somewhat a mixture of the Scherzo themes of his fith symphony  and Schummann's first symphony. I made an atttempt to develop these themes to a whole symphonic movement.


My realisation:

IV.  Allegro con spirito

The Finale is the most vivid and jubilent movement I wrote so far. In the development (starting at 4:30) more dark and exotic colours come in: