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Title: Duplicate Threads
Post by: Admin on April 03, 2018, 11:49:03 pm
The Search Engine for this forum appears to be working a little more reliably than in the past (although why a search for "Wordsworth" suggested threads about Martinu I have no idea ::)). I should emphasise that I know absolutely nothing about the technical aspects of Search Engines, how they work or do not work properly!!

New members or indeed long-serving members searching for threads on a particular composer might well be bemused by duplicate threads.

To give an example:

In the New Recordings section there are threads entitled "Caspar Diethelm (1926-1997) Symphonies etc from Guild" and "Caspar Diethelm Symphonies on Guild" started within a day of each other. I shall attempt to merge these threads but in doing so the members who started each thread may lose original authorship. I apologise if this offends either member.

It is not always easy-as I (Dundonnell) know full well from personal experience-to decide where best to locate a thread within the forum or whether to discuss a composer, say William Wordsworth (sorry for repeatedly using him as an example), within a thread explicitly devoted to him or within a thread devoted to the releases of, say, "Lyrita" or "Toccata".

It would be very helpful I think to members if it was possible try to minimise the duplication of threads. It will never be possible to eliminate such duplication! Nor would any of us wish to discourage members from posting about a subject of interest to them and (hopefully ;D) others.

Just an idea to try to be helpful....... :)

Title: Re: Duplicate Threads
Post by: Admin on April 03, 2018, 11:59:02 pm
......well, that didn't work :-[

First of all, mea culpa, the author of one of the two threads on Diethelm had already noticed the duplication and, very generously, requested that the thread be deleted.

When I tried to delete the thread as requested I was informed by "the gremlins" that I could not do so; only an Administrator could remove a topic. Since I was logged-in as an administrator this makes no sense to me :-[ :-[

Any suggestions from those who know how "gremlins" think????

Title: Re: Duplicate Threads
Post by: Admin on April 04, 2018, 02:01:01 pm
Ok....I have now succeeded in deleting one of the Diethelm threads. This had already been requested by the member who began it so I do not think that I am upsetting him by my actions :)

There is no "Remove Topic" link provided so I had to delete the two posts in the thread in reverse order. That worked.

I would have preferred to merge the topics but until or unless someone more proficient than I can give me some tips on how to do so this I shall continue to be at a loss.

The "good thing" is that-in the extremely unlikely and certainly uncalled for- event of a thoroughly "unsuitable" thread being started I think that I now know how to delete it. "unsuitable" I mean completely and totally irrelevant to the subject matters of this forum or one that was grossly offensive. I DO NOT anticipate such an eventuality nut it is better to be prepared than totally bereft :)

Title: Re: Duplicate Threads
Post by: Admin on April 04, 2018, 10:42:32 pm
I have now found the "Remove Topic" and the "Merge Topics" buttons available to the administrator :), hehehe (only joking!!)