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Title: Composer Catalogues and Composer Discussion or New Recordings
Post by: Admin on March 23, 2018, 05:03:05 pm
The new Administrators wish to encourage discussion. We do not want to inhibit discussion.

We are agreed however that the Composer Catalogues should be retained as what they are, ie in most cases lists of the composer's orchestral works. It is of course absolutely correct that additions, corrections, amendments, new recordings of such music should be added to the catalogue's thread.

If however members wish to post comments about the composer's music or to add new recordings of non-orchestral music then it is "good practice" to post these elsewhere on the forum, in the "New recordings" section for example.

We hope that this makes sense and that members will agree to the 'good practice' :) Yes, of course, one of the Administrators (ie, me, Dundonnell ;D) does have a sort of "proprietory interest" in retaining the essential purpose of the composer catalogues. He also recognises that they are becoming increasingly dated without new recordings being added regularly and that they are only what they set out to be-lists of orchestral music.  What he certainly does not have the time, energy or inclination to do is now go back and "tinker" with every catalogue and the posts which have been made since they first appeared.

It is encouraging that members wish to post about a composer or about new recordings of non-orchestral music. All we, respectfully, ask is that they post in the most appropriate place :)