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Title: Arthur Benjamin 'A Tale Of Two Cities' - London, 1957
Post by: patmos.beje on January 20, 2018, 05:40:11 pm

Not strictly a new recording but a recording that is new to me.

Whilst listening to a CD of the EMI Classics Plasson version of Manon by Massenet, I was reminded of my introduction to the opera from a recording I made in the late 1970s from a BBC Radio 3 broadcast from the English National Opera of a performance in English translation. In the course of a Google search I found a recording in English and, on the same site, happily stumbled on a recording of Benjamin's 195O award winning opera A Tale Of Two Cities, first performed at the Festival of Britain in 1951.

There is a recording from a radio broadcast of extracts in the British and Irish music catalogue accessible from this site.  This 'new' recording appears to be from a 1957 TV broadcast.

I intend to download this, along with the English Manon, but am not able to do so at the time of posting.


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