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Title: Liechtenstein composer(s)
Post by: Gauk on June 27, 2017, 05:07:25 pm
This thread added to carry on the discussion wrongly in the Downloads section ...

Besides the organ concertos of Rheinberger, one should not neglect his solo organ music. All 20 of his organ sonatas have now been recorded on CD by Wolfgang Rübsam for Naxos. I have a rather interesting book on those sonatas. It is called "The Organ Works of Rheinberger" by Harvey Grace, published by Novello in 1920 (first edition, followed by 15 more until 1932). My copy seems to be the first edition, as there is no mention of previous editions, but it is undated. I see I paid £5 for it, and its previous owner was a resident of Fitzwilliam College Cambridge, but his signature is illegible. It looks like "AEW Macors".

Grace's take on the sonatas is very much from the point of view of the practicing organist; it is full of recommendations as to which movements can be abstracted from their context and played in a liturgical setting.