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Title: Greek music
Post by: rbert12 on August 21, 2012, 05:01:43 pm
I was wondering if it would be possible, to reiterate my request in the other forum, to either put movement information with your download posts, or, if you can't come up with it until later, please post it here?
About Constantinidis works:

Asia Minor Rhapsody:
  I.   Preludio (7'10)
  II.  Intermezzo (3'26)
  III. Finale (7'39)

Dodecanecian Suite n.1:
  I.   Andante sostenuto (3'09)
  II.  Con moto (1' 12)
  III. Allegro placevole - Vivo e giocoso (2'09)
  IV. Andante mesto (3'24)
  V.  Andantino quasi parlando - Allegretto semplice (2' 31)
  VI. Andante lento -Allegro vivo ma non troppo