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Title: Gotfrid Hasanov - Kochbar opera (fragments)
Post by: christopher on October 03, 2016, 12:28:13 pm
The piano concerto of Gotfrid Alidin xva Hasanov (also spelt Gasanov) - 1900-1965 - has been uploaded on the downloads section of this forum.  he also wrote an opera called Kochbar (or Hochbar), which reportedly is wildly popular in his native Dagestan (southern Russia).

A few youtube clips of it are here - (

from Russian wikipedia:

"Hochbar" - the first Dagestani national opera in three acts to music by Gottfried Hasanov . It is written in 1937. In Dagestan Opera and Ballet Theater has become a tradition to open the theater season this opera. "Hochbar" the same thing as "Ivan Susanin" for the Bolshoi. It was the first product of Dagestan music on "a historical theme." The value of the opera "Hochbar" for the history of the Dagestani professional music goes beyond the creation of the first national opera. Hochbar his troops raided to the Hunzaha, pick up loot from the rich and gave to the poor everything. Hunzah Khan realized that the Gidatlintsy could not be defeated through war, and so decided to decapitate their cunning resistance by destroying the leader of the Gidatlintsy. Bearing in mind that in the mountains did not refuse the invitation, he called Hochbara to his "wedding". When he comes - Khan's entourage and his associates decided to betray Khan Hochbara penalty - burned at the stake. Before his death Hochbar escapes and takes with him into the fire of two young children Khan. The opera was staged in 1995 by the forces of the Dagestan State Philharmonic Choir of Dagestan State Pedagogical University, Makhachkala chorus of musical school. Later, with the opening in 1998. Dagestan State Opera and Ballet Theater , the opera was staged in this theater forces. With this premiere theater started to exist. Naida Abdulgamidova, Minister of Culture of Dagestan : "It was a long-cherished dream of all musicians. We have seen that the content of the opera, and musical folklore of the peoples of Dagestan gave the first opportunity to go on stage and received general approval. "Хочбар_(опера) (Хочбар_(опера))