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Title: Help needed: proper English music nomenclature
Post by: guest140 on May 01, 2016, 10:47:00 am
I am preparing the gratis pdf-score release of another rare violin concerto and would like to translate the German annotations into proper English. So can you please help me to find the correct English words?

Especially the percussion section has some annotations about the performing of gongs, triangles, etc. What would you say:

"klingen lassen" (hit the gong for example and let the sound fade away without stopping it) = "let sound"? "let fade out"?

"dämpfen" (hit the gong and soften the sound) = "soften"? "baffle"? "lessen"? "suppress"?

"Wirbel" (on a drum) = "drum roll"?, "whirl"? "swirl"?, "twirl"?

"Rührtrommel" = "tenor drum"?

Thanks for your help!