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Title: The arrangement of the "Downloads Discussion" board
Post by: Admin on August 14, 2012, 09:18:36 am
1) The purpose of this particular board is to discuss items which have been posted in the corresponding "Downloads" section.

2) Please use one thread here for each nationality. For example a "British Music" thread, a "Czech Music" thread, a "German Music" thread and so on. So then if a work by Hoddinott, for example, has been posted in the "Welsh Music" section of the "Downloads" thread, and you want to comment on it, you could first look for a thread entitled "Welsh Music" here, and if such thread does not yet exist, you could create a "new topic." But don't worry about getting it wrong; we can always rearrange messages later.

Title: Copyright on reviews and programme notes
Post by: Admin on September 22, 2012, 07:08:13 am
If you wish to quote verbatim lengthy passages from reviews or programme notes, please add a line saying that you have been granted permission to do so under the copyright laws of the country in which they were published, and confirming the name of the person or entity who granted that permission.

If you are unable or unwilling to do this, then there are at least three other approaches that might serve:

1) literal quotation of shorter excerpts consisting of at most three or four lines of text at a time (no more than one hundred words), together with a reference;


2) give your own paraphrase of what the original author wrote, together with a reference;


3) simply provide a web-link to the review or programme note, instead of copying it here.

Thanks to every one for your understanding of this point!