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Title: Roman Berger
Post by: ttle on March 09, 2013, 09:25:59 pm
For some reason, in the last few weeks, I have not managed to listen to Slovakian radio Rádio Klasika online with a decent sound quality. If you are more lucky than I am, you could be interested in this programme devoted to Roman Berger:
Korczak in memoriam, fragments for string quartet; Sonata for violin and piano on motifs by Karol Szymanowski; exceprts from Five studies for piano.
Broadcasts: Sunday March 10 at 8am and 6pm, possibly also Monday March 11 at 4am, 2pm

Rádio Klasika can be heard online from this page:
(select the quality: Vyššia (higher) / Nižšia (lower), the format, and click on "Rádio Klasika").