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January 21, 2021, 05:53:45 am
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Music of Edward Schaffer

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Author Topic: Music of Edward Schaffer  (Read 3247 times)
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« on: July 13, 2019, 07:46:21 am »

Pinocchio, Op 42   
A Christmas Carol, Symphonic Poem after Dickens, Op 43   
The Nimean Lion Rag, Op 44   
Symphony  2, The Seasons, Op 45   
   1 Autumn
   2 Winter
   3 Spring
   4 Summer
King Arthur, Op 46   
   1. Uther and Ygrayn
   2. Merlin
   3. Gwynever
   4. Lancelot
   5. The Round Table
   6. Arthur
String Quartet, Op 47   
   1. Serious Thoughts
   2. Lightened Mood
Concerto Grosso in One Movement, Op 47a   
Poem for Clarinet and Piano, Op 48   
Poem for Clarinet and Strings, Op 48a   
Mithios Character Suite, Op 49   
   1 Ancedia, The Elven Rogue
   2 James, The Dwarf
   3 Mugare, the Ogre
   4 LaFoli, The Lizard-Man
   5 Certan the Mage
Alley Cat for Solo Sax, Op 50   
Alley Cat for Solo Clarinet, Op 50a   
Riff on, 'Itsy Bitsy Spider', Op 51   
Meditation for Cello and String Orchestra, Op 52   
Meditation for String Orchestra, Op 52a   
Meditation for Chorus, Op 52b   
Meditation for Brass, Op 52c   
Symphony  3, Op 53   
   1. Allegro Rondo
   2 Lento
   3 Scherzo
   4 Allegro
In Old Judea, Op 54   
Violin Concerto, Op 55   
   1. Allegro moderato
   2. Andante e danza rustica
   3. Allegro risoluto
The History of Flight, The History of Flight, Op 56   
Symphony  4, Heliocentric, Op 57   
   1. Copernicus
   2. Kepler
   3. Galileo
   4. Newton
The Missing Slice of Pie, Op 58   
Moonshine, Op 59   
Organ Prelude for Dave Albrecht, Op 60   
Symphony  5, Op 61   
   1. Allegro-Andante
   2. Adagio
   3. Scherzo
   4. Fantasia Anglese
A Seance With Scriabin, Op 62   
Adrift in Limbo, Op 63   
Insomnia!, Op 64   
T rex Across the Screen - How Stravinsky Hated What Disney Did, Op 65   
Controlled Fury, Op 66   
Mystic Dawn, Op 67   
Eerie Quiet, Op 68   
Mt Lassen Thermal Spring, Op 69   
Beneath a Canopy of Stars, Op 70   
Mt Shasta Glacial Cave, Op 71   
Eris, The Tenth Planet, Op 72   
Imperial March of the Zeta Reticuli, Band Version, Op 73a   
Imperial March of the Zeta Reticuli, Piano Version, Op 73   
The Grizzly Bear, Op 74   
The Anasazi of Mesa Verde, Op 75   
Poem for Strings, Op 76   
Moonlight on the River, Op 77   
The Lone Pine Rustles in the Breeze, Op 78   
Prelude in Eb, Op 79   
Solemn Prelude, Op 80   
Symphony  6, Trevails, Op 81   
   1 To Overcome Frustration
   2 Hymn and Celebration
   3 Scherzotic Chaos
   4 The Future is Uncertain
Aladdin, Symphonic Poem, Op 82   
   Aladdin, Symphonic Poem, Complete
   Aladdin's Theme
   Princess' Theme
Backlit by the Setting Sun, Op 83   
Hercules and the Lernaen Hydra, Op 84   
Symphony  7, The Elements of Aristotle, Op 85   
   1. Canzone d'aria
   2. Canzone di terra
   3. Canto del fuoco
   4. Canzone di acqua
Concerto for Flute and Strings, Op 86   
   1 Allegro
   2 Largo e allegretto
   3 Birdsong
The Big Dipper Points North, Op 87   
Modus Suite, Op 88   
   1. Modus Dorian
   2. Modus Phrygian
   3. Modus Lydian
   4. Modus Mixolydian
   5. Modus Locrian
Rhapsody for Piano and Orchestra, Op 89   
Rhapsody for Orchestra, Op 89a   
Diabolical March, Op 90   
Improvisation for Oboe and Double Bass, Op 91   
Hercules and the Cernyean Hind, Op 92   
Hercules and the Erymithian Boar, Op 93   
Be Baroque, for Harpsichord, Op 94   
Carnival Waltz, for Horn and Strings, Op 95a   
Carnival Waltz, for Horn and Piano, Op 95   
Nay-Sayers Blues, Op 96   
Ten Primes in One Hundred Seconds, Op 97   
British Folksongs, Op 98   
   1. Greensleeves
   2. Londonderry Air
   3. Suo Gan
   4. Ima Doun for Lack O' Johnnie
   5. Minstrel Boy
Serious Song, Op 99   
Serious Song for Brass, Op 99a   
Run-on Sentences and Non-Standard Harmonic Progressions, Op 100   
Fantasia on the Delphic Hymn, Op 101   
The Percolator - I Gotta Have My Coffee, Op 102   
Cyclone - It's a Twister!, Op 103   
Threnody on the Death of Luciano Pavarotti, Op 104   
Dark Ages for Chorus, Op 105   
The Village Idiot's Convention, Op 106   
It's Atomic - Fusion for Orchestra, Op 107   
The Sun Announces to the Mountaintops That It Is Dawn, Op 108   
Eochaid Ollathir and Mor Rigan, Op 109   
Night Rain, Op 110   
Foggy Dock, Op 111   
Foggy Dock, Alternate Version, Op 111a   
Danu of the Harvest, Op 112   
Inflammable October, Op 113   
In the Mists of Appalachia - Tribute to Ives, Op 114   
The Moons of Jupiter, Op 115   
   1. Io
   2. Europa
   3. Ganymede
   4. Callisto
Towards a Point of Singularity - The Black Hole, Op 116   
Lazy Tuesday Afternoon, Op 117   
And I looked and Beheld a Pale Horse, Op 118   
Christmas Etude for Organ, Op 119   
Within an Ancient Glade, Op 120   
   1. Prelude
   2. The Ancient Ones
   3. Lured to the Glade    4. Confronting the Ancient Ones
   5. Welcome to the 21st Century
The Fifth Sun, Mayan Calendar ends, 12-21-2012, Op 121   
Akhenaten, Op 122   
Upon the Island of Manus - Tribute to my Father, Op 123   
Quetzalcoatl, Op 124   
Jabberwocky - Tribute to Lewis Carroll, Op 125   
David, the Shepherd, Op 126   
Chicxulub - The Dinosaur's End, Op 127   
Symphony  8, The Four Temperaments, Op 128   
   1 Choleric
   2 Phlegmatic
   3 Melancholic
   4 Sanguine
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