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Rufus and the Saucer by Edward Schaffer

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Author Topic: Rufus and the Saucer by Edward Schaffer  (Read 2535 times)
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« on: July 01, 2017, 04:16:09 pm »

.”  I told her that Michael Rennie, the actor who played the alien, was about as Earthling as one could get. 
She smiled and continued, “The next thing they heard were car doors slamming, and the government guys driving off in a hurry. Your grandfather said they looked `frustrated` ”.  After sunset, a parts package was placed by the barn door.  My grandpa and papa were gone within 30 minutes, after grandpa did the fix.  But not before your grandfather had given them six more boiled corn cobs, and told them ‘for the road’.  They also took seeds to plant corn back home.  It is now very popular.” 
I told Kira that I understood a lot now.  Then I let her know what happened the next day.   “My grandfather’s tales now make sense.  The following morning, the sheriff showed up at the ranch, saying that he was told there was a still on the property.”  My grandfather laughed.   The sheriff said, “Sorry, I have a search warrant.”  The sheriff was serious.  He wanted to check the barn.  My grandfather let them in, and all they found was discarded corn cobs from the previous day.    The sheriff left the barn.   He said, “I don’t know what you did to those Federal guys, but you must have ticked them off big time.  Sorry to bug you.”  The sheriff left. 
“In those days, the mid 1960s, there was no DNA testing.  I imagine what they’d have found if they collected the corn cobs and run a test on the saliva traces.   My grandmother didn’t want my grandpa talking about this event ever among my mom and her sisters.  She even went to the pastor of their church.   But our pastor said that God does many things, and life outside earth was just one of His many miracles.   In time my grandmother became cool with the story, and regretted never having seen ‘the visitors’, as she called them.”.   Kira seemed to be interested that the whole thing tied together.   
When the eating and socializing finished, we returned to the mating room and, Rufus had his way with the other female.    Again, Rufus was ready and on the spot, and the earlier encounter did seem to slow him down. As we were leaving the room, I remembered I had a handful of dog treats I kept for Rufus in my pocket.  As I handed the treats to the captain, I said, “For the girls” and he looked at them, and smiled.   
Kira said, "We will take you back to where you came in.”   When we got to the door, I thanked her for all the hospitality.  Then, remembering a quote from an old story, I said to her, "Second star on the right, straight on 'till morning".  She giggled, then she kissed me on the cheek, and as I entered the room alone, she said, "Yes, my mother read me Peter Pan when I was a child."  The door closed behind me, and I was in the room only with Rufus.  I was amused by what she said, but in the end, thought it all made sense.  Now, the room darkened, and I lost consciousness again.   
I came to in my car, with Rufus in the back seat.   My car started normally, and I began to return home.   It was dawn.  I had been gone all night.  I turned on the radio and heard of all the talk of flying saucers that had been seen overnight...And then on the radio, I heard the authorities from the Air Force commenting about more weather balloons having escaped the base 100 miles away.  I realized that I couldn't tell anyone about what had happened...   Who would believe me?  Soon I thought I would dismiss it as an odd though not unpleasant dream.   Besides, who would believe me about a cute alien woman, and breeding dogs on a flying saucer?  Then, in my pocket I found an envelope containing 20 new $100 bills.  There was a note, "I believe the stud fee per mating is $1000.  Thanks for your help."   The money was real. Contimued
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