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January 15, 2021, 05:25:45 pm
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Rufus and the Saucer by Edward Schaffer

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Author Topic: Rufus and the Saucer by Edward Schaffer  (Read 2502 times)
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« on: July 01, 2017, 04:10:22 pm »

Suddenly I lost consciousness. I do not know how long I was out, but when I woke up I was in a large room, Rufus was lying next to me.  He came to, and started to bark at something over our heads.  I could see now that the dimly lit room was circular, and there were windows completely around the room, up over our heads.  I estimated they were 10 feet above Rufus and me.  I had seen things like this in TV shows and movies; in a setting of teaching hospitals, where student doctors would over look a surgery or examination of...  a cadaver...   
Then a voice spoke.  It wasn't English, or any other language that I had heard spoken.   There seemed to be a lot of beeps and clicking in the voice.   A light came on behind someone who seemed to be in authority.   Only thing is he didn't look human.   Suddenly the clicking voice turned understandable.  It was deep, and had a trace of some sort of British accent. He spoke apologetically, "It is most rude to say words our guest cannot understand.  Remember, he has a companion animal, and that shows a higher level of civilization."   At this point, Rufus... growled and then barked towards the being in the window.   Then I heard the sound of laughter.   The man who seemed to be in charge spoke again, admonishing the others.  "This is the mark of this kind of companion animal, rare in the local systems.  As we all know, it is called, 'dog', just like the others we have.  He is protecting his human.   There is another such creature, a 'gwibgwob' in the (garbled words) system".    I spoke, asking him to repeat the name of the 'system'.  Though I didn’t expect an answer, saying I didn't understand what he said."  The apparent leader said, "My pardons sir, you call it, 'Epsilon Eridani'." I was nervous.  This guy seemed too polished, and a little too polite.  What did he mean, "The others we have"?   I remembered the old TV show, “Twilight Zone”, where the story was about an alien civilization, which had a cookbook, "To Serve Man".  I wondered if Rufus and I would be the main course of some intergalactic feast.  I spoke up, "Why am I here…to get probed?  To be the main course, with my friend here a side dish?   Why am I so interesting?"   
"Probed?"  He replied. Laughing, he said, "No.   As to your concern about becoming some sort of main course…  My doctor says I have to cut down on sodium, and Earthling meat is too salty”. There was a gasp.   Then Laughter… “Just kidding.   But we would like the assistance of your associate there."   I was somehow worried that we might not get to leave...   "When he is done with what we would like him to do, we will put the both of you back where we left you."   That statement meant to calm me did little to help my state of mind.    He apologized for the holographic image of the fellow in the light beam, and said it was to distract me, in order to get me up on the 'craft', as he called it.     Note to self: Beware of Holographic images in a park. Continued...
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