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September 20, 2018, 07:24:30 am
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The purpose of this section

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Author Topic: The purpose of this section  (Read 1871 times)
Sydney Grew
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« on: October 11, 2012, 02:20:47 pm »

The primary purpose of this section is to provide a much-needed index - by composer surname - of the hundreds of rare items uploaded both here and at the old Unsung Composers forum.

It can also - incidentally - contain links to all the work-lists and catalogues in the Composer Reference section - the glorious harvest of many months' toil on the part of our unwearying and learned cataloguers!

And it can even eventually include obscure composers who have been discussed here and there but for whom neither downloads nor work-list have yet appeared (for example the names in the 1913 edition of "Who's Who in Music").

A separate thread will be created for each composer. The first post of each thread will be modified whenever new information becomes available. And following that initial post the thread will be thrown open to any kind of discussion. If you have anything to say about any of the composers listed, please do not hesitate to contribute to his or her thread!

A word about the format of the references: when an item has been contributed to the Download thread on the present forum, it is a simple matter to provide a web-link to the post in question. But what is the best way to refer to all the items uploaded earlier at Unsung Composers? It would not be right to provide web-links, since that would not work for people who are not members there. Nor - for fairly obvious reasons - would it be right to cut and paste posts made by other people at another forum. So I have decided to refer to such items by way of the following format:

    [UC American 6 Aug 2012]

"UC" in this example means that the item was posted at Unsung Composers; "American" indicates that the item was posted in the thread there entitled "American Composers"; and then comes the date of the original post.

So, if you have a backup of the original thread in question - there is an example HERE - it will be easy to find and read the details of the item. And alternatively, if you remain a member of Unsung Composers, it will also be possible to find and read the details of the item that way.

Please note that this whole section is very much "work in - gradual - progress" - and several months will pass before it is anywhere near complete. (I am combining the process with checking for missing links.) I have thought it best that the detailed listings applicable to each composer should for the present be available only to registered members.
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« Reply #1 on: November 21, 2012, 01:23:12 am »

I was conscious of the fact that you were (very flatteringly) providing links to the catalogues prepared by myself and my fellow cataloguers (kyjo and Albion) but this seems to have either been abandoned or has become inconsistent.

I fully appreciate that doing so involves extra work and I would not wish that on anyone, particularly someone who is putting such immense, time-consuming but incredibly valuable work into this exercise. You will, I hope however, appreciate that consistency of approach is useful, if not necessary. It may well be that this is an addition to which you intend to return and-if so-I sincerely apologise for raising the issue at all.

Just over half of my own catalogues are available online on this site and although 300 or so are "buried" within the recesses of UC all are now available online at and are openly accessible therefore to all members of this forum.

I am raising the issue simply because I did notice this evening that whilst there is, for example, a link on the Raymond Hanson page there is no such link on that for Robert Hughes or, more recently, Jindrich Feld.

To avoid any visitor having to trawl through the entire alphabetical list of 681 composers on my site I have provided a country-by-country index and I am happy to post that separately in the "Composer Reference Section" for ease of access.

(I should of course-once again-express my deep indebtedness to the pioneering work done by my fellow cataloguers whose work I have "appropriated" but to whom I have, I hope, paid proper acknowledgement in the Introduction to the Catalogues now also online).
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Sydney Grew
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« Reply #2 on: November 21, 2012, 06:01:44 am »

Don't worry, it is still work in progress, and still on schedule to be finished (and consistent) around Christmas time. My method has been first to post basic information about all the composers from a particular country, and only after that to look at the "composer catalogues" for that country to find out whether any of the composers features therein, and if so to add a link. This means that all the most recent catalogues at that point of time will be discovered, incorporated and linked to. I am only half-way through the Czechs, so links to Feld and the others are definitely on the way! (In fact I have done Feld especially now.) And I may not have done the Canadian and Croatian links yet, but I will!

Robert Hughes is not among the Australians listed in the catalogues on this forum, and - I may be wrong - but I understood the PDF files to be a merely temporary expedient. Of course, since each composer has his or her own thread in the Index Nominum, any one is free - nay, encouraged - to add comments, corrections, or urgent additional information at any time!

My plan in regard to the British composers - who are very popular here - is to post just four items: name, place and date of birth, date of demise, and a small photograph. There will be no list of downloadable works, but simply a link to Albion's "British and Irish Music Archival Collection." Also a link to a "composer catalogue" in the normal way if there is one. I have just now done Fricker as a random example, so let me know what you think. I will start doing all the British in that way (in parallel with normal entries for further nationalities) once the Czechs are out of the way. The Germans and the Russians are I think the only largish groups to come.

. . . It was suggested to me some time ago that I should repost here all of the 300 catalogues originally posted on Unsung Composers but that would be an impossibly massive task which would involve me in re-formatting each and every one of the catalogues and would overwhelm the site in a way which I-and no doubt-virtually all members- would regard as both utterly preposterous and the height of arrogance.

Not at all - they would be very welcome; the more the merrier - keeps the wheels spinning! I had a look at the composer catalogues at the UC forum, and there are 232 topics on 12 pages. If necessary they could be collected automatically - using wget or similar - and passed back to you and the other authors - not a great problem. Or are all those UC catalogues already available also in PDF form? In that case it should be possible to "cut" from the Adobe PDF reader, and "paste" to this forum without the need for major reformatting, shouldn't it? That way no one would have to collect them from UC . . . But I suppose not every catalogue author would have his back-up PDF version.
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