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August 20, 2019, 01:37:55 am
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1  Little-known music of all eras / Downloads discussion / Re: Lithuanian Music on: March 29, 2019, 11:48:09 am
I am really heappy to find the whole opera of Banaitis. Cristopher - You are Great!
2  Little-known music of all eras / Downloads discussion / Re: Slovak Music on: February 12, 2019, 07:45:28 pm
Here is the info about he performance of Opera "Svatopluk":

Blagota, otrokyňa pohanského rodu – Marta Krásová
Bogat, pohanský veľmož – Karel Kalaš
Dragomír, nádvorný špán – Václav Bednář
Kráľ Svätopluk – Eduard Haken
kňažka Moreny – Eva Hlobilová, Jarmila Pechová
Milena, dcéra Blagoty – Drahomíra Tikalová
Mojmír – Přemysl Kočí
Predslav – Antonín Zlesák
Starešina – Jaroslav Veverka
strážca pohanského obetišťa – Jaroslav Rohan
Svätopluk ml.– Milan Karpíšek
veliteľ Mojmírovej družiny – Jaroslav Střiška
Vojak – Jiří Joran
Vražec – Antonín Votava
Záboj, igric a pisár – Ivo Žídek
Ľutomíra, kňažná z Panónie – Marie Podvalová
Žrec – Karel Berman

Operní sbor Národního divadla v Praze,
Operní sbor Smetanova divadla v Praze
sbormistři / choirmasters – Milan Malý, Vladivoj Jankovský
Orchestr Národního divadla v Praze
dirigent / Conductor – Zdeněk Chalabala

recorded in 1962

Opera Svatopluk is one of the greatest work of Suchon, very important for his mature style. This work is also different to "Krutnava". Hope You enjoy it.
3  Little-known music of all eras / Downloads discussion / Re: Slovak Music on: February 10, 2019, 12:57:38 am
Greetings to You All and Thank for Your patience. Hope You all are fine.
I am still in this great forum, but unfortunately I didn't join Your discussions, because my english is still not so good. But...
I have just recorded some new works and new perfomances of the Eugen Suchon works. Hope, I could upload them in next weeks for You all on mediafire or mega.

Eugen Suchon is more and more important to me. I am listening his works together with works of Bohuslav Martinu, Janis Ivanovs, Karol Szymanowski. Suchon's music is probably "national" (Slovak) and "modern" (contemporary, or XX- century) too. For me very interesting synthesis.
If somebody has something to say about Suchon's music please write here. It will be great to read Your comments and reflections.

4  Little-known music of all eras / Downloads discussion / Re: Slovak Music on: August 15, 2017, 12:48:47 am
Thank You All.

I am preparing now some new works/perfomances of Suchon, Cikker and probably Kardos and Ocenas. But except them, I have record
some works of Frantisek Babusek, a fine, maybe quite (neo)romantic composer, who's works I have recorded some years ago from Radio Devin and Klasika.

I want upload also 3 parts of "Pamatniky Slavy" of Andrej Ocenas. I have parts: "Dukla", "Nemecka", "Banska Bystrica". If somebody have the last part, which is called "Slavin", please upload it if it's possible.

Some of the works which I have uploaded, or I want to upload are not well recorded, but there are quite good and still listenable.
5  Little-known music of all eras / Downloads discussion / Re: Slovak Music on: August 05, 2017, 11:56:05 pm
I have made a download comeback today, and I want to upload in august-september-october some new works and new performances of slovak composers. I hope You will enjoy it. They are record from slovakian radio broadcasts (such radios as Devin, Pyramida (Klasika), Lumen), or download from youtube. I want also say You all which works You can proove buy or hear on youtube, spotify and deezer, because some of slovak works are not easy to find. In 2018 on 25. September will be also the Suchon 110.birthday and on 5.august - 25 years after his death. So now is the good time to hear more slovak works.

Thank You all for Your patience and tolerance, and hope You will enjoy slovak music.
6  Little-known music of all eras / Downloads discussion / Re: Slovak Music on: February 27, 2015, 09:07:27 pm
The User Bobyor post in download section a link to part of piano cycle "Kaleidoskop" (Evoluzioni armoniche). This interesting work has 2 versions - for piano (from 1966) and for Piano (or Organ), String Orchestra and Timpani (from 1971). I have recorded the version for piano a long time ago in one polish library in Warsaw. I proove to upload it in some time, but I don't know if the sound will be good, and if the cycle is completed. In any case, I will proove to upload it, but maybe User Bobyor will make this before me and better than I. ;-)

On Youtube You also have the second part of this interesting work in the organ version. The part is named "Three Romantic Pieces" (To the Memory of J. Suk)

Hope You enjoy my Suchon's uploads In next weeks I will upload some other works by Suchon and Cikker, and maybe some polish composers.
7  Little-known music of all eras / Downloads discussion / Re: Mexican Music on: January 06, 2015, 10:43:40 am
Many thanks for You Jowcol for Your great work and great uploads.

Julian Carrillo is (I hope so) very interesting composer, but his works are not many on youtube chanell. With the other composers, like Revuletas, Chavez, Galindo, Ponce, Moncayo, and Huizar is quite better. So, now we can to know more great mexican music. :-)
8  Little-known music of all eras / Downloads discussion / Re: Latvian music on: November 16, 2014, 01:29:47 pm


Hi Dave,
Is it possible you me send/or post act 1? So the opera is complete?



Hi Elroel
The complete opera Uguns us nakts is in download section in one mp3
9  Little-known music of all eras / Coming broadcasts and listen-later links / Re: Melartin - Siniinen Helmi Suite on: June 16, 2014, 11:38:12 am
I will today check, which works of Melartin I have and I will upload them in this week. I have found Sininen Helmi, I must check only if the work is whole and listenable, then I will upload it. Thank You all for Your patience.
10  Little-known music of all eras / Downloads discussion / Re: Finnish Music on: June 11, 2014, 12:58:15 pm
I am preparing a list of finnish works, which I can upload for Yours. I am sure, that many of them some people have, but maybe some not, so I will proove to make Your database richer maybe.

I have found Siikajoki, Divertimento and Sininen Helmi (all works of Melartin). Now I will see if the record quality of these works is listenable. Than I proove to upload them. ;-)

I have also a please. Could somebody reupload the Symphony of Vaino Raitio and Symphony of Tovio Kuula because the links are dead.

Greetings to You all.

11  Little-known music of all eras / Coming broadcasts and listen-later links / Melartin - Siniinen Helmi Suite on: June 11, 2014, 12:42:21 am
Yle Klassinen Radio - I cannot record it, but probably somebody can.

04:17 Melartin: Balettisarja Sininen helmi. (RSO/George de Godzinsky) 04:38

Time in Finnland - in Poland these will be start on 03:17, but  I will be busy, sorry.

Hope You enjoy.

12  Little-known music of all eras / Downloads discussion / Re: Latvian music on: May 17, 2014, 04:24:36 pm
I also thank You all for Your patient and tolerance.  Smiley

I will put some works by latvian, slovakian, polish and maybe other composers from time to time. I will also made some folder in this russian site for the operas I have mentioned. Maybe it will be working good, we will see.

Greetings to You all and have nice weekend.  Smiley
13  Little-known music of all eras / Downloads discussion / Re: Latvian music on: May 15, 2014, 02:25:17 am
To the opera case, but Latvian opera.

I have recorded these operas (whole and extracts)
1. Janis Medins - Uguns us nakts (whole)
2. Janis Medins - Luteklite (extracts)
3. Janis Kalnins - Hamlets (whole)
4. Janis Kalnins - Uguni (extracts)
5. Arvids Zilinskis - Zelta Zirgs (whole)
6. Alfreds Kalnins - Salinieki (extracts)
7. Alfreds Skulte - Princesa Gundega (extracts)
8. Bruno Skulte - DVD Heiress (?) of Vilkaci (whole)

I want to upload them for all of You in some time, but I have a quite problem. My computer doesn't work correctly, and after 5 or 6 hours he is disconnected. Some opera files are quite large, from 250 to 450 Mb and 5 hours could be to short time for uploading probably such one file. The other problem is that, that some of these operas are in one file with comments in latvian. I don't have time to catalogized these works to act 1, or scene 1. If somebody is interested I proove upload them in other programm than mediafire, so please tell me, where I can upload them, where the uploading process take less time, than this on mediafire. I can also send some of these works by email, than also contact me please.

I upload maybe tomorrow some other works of Jurjans and Garuta, and than some latvian operas and Eugen Suchon works (Slovakian). Hope You will enjoy them.

If somebody could help me with my problem, I will be gratefull.

Greetings to All of You
14  Little-known music of all eras / Downloads discussion / Re: Slovak Music on: March 19, 2014, 10:37:21 am
Many thanks for You jowcol, these composers (Ocenas, Kardos) are really masters of Slovak Musik.
15  Little-known music of all eras / Downloads discussion / Re: British and Irish Music on: February 11, 2014, 10:39:57 am
I am looking that maybe somebody could upload or record the welsh cycle operas by Joseph Holbrooke. I am grateful for excerpts from Bonwen, but maybe somebody have something more ? Please tell, if somebody have these operas in excerpts or whole, or have a news about recording them by any record company.
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