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October 23, 2018, 08:20:31 pm
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1  Little-known music of all eras / Coming broadcasts and listen-later links / Re: Kevin Puts - Symphony No. 2 and Rivers Rush from Cabrillo Festival (2002, 2003) on: October 20, 2018, 01:07:19 am
I totally agree A magnificent and moving symphony!

I've been playing the CD again today - it is very moving. I'm glad that you like it as well Colin.

This composer is fantastic.  I haven't heard anything I didn't love of his.  His chamber music is excellent as well as his large scale symphonies and operas.  He deserves all the success he's received and is also a very kind man.  His latest orchestral work is an orchestral song cycle with Renee Fleming.
2  Little-known music of all eras / New recordings / Re: Heino Eller on: October 06, 2018, 01:15:35 am
Smiley At last! At least one symphony on CD! Now we only miss his best symphony. The third!
...sorry, who is this?
3  Little-known music of all eras / Notice of interesting concerts around the world / Re: Attia Sharara's music Concerto on: October 02, 2018, 12:50:45 am
Toby, you are amazingly eclectic.  I would love to go to this concert.  I somehow doubt it gets recorded.
4  Little-known music of all eras / Youtube performances / Re: Hilding Rosenberg - his eight symphonies on: September 25, 2018, 03:26:00 pm
I do not criticise Sydney in the slightest degree! Indeed I am delighted to find anyone who appreciates the music of this seriously neglected and exceptionally fine Swedish composer and publicises his work.

I note however that the Symphony No.3 is from the BIS cd still currently available to purchase. On You Tube it states that the recording has been made available by "Naxos of America".

What is actually going on here? Has BIS licensed Naxos to put one of their recordings onto You Tube? A recording which can be downloaded free of cost? That would seem to me a strange commercial decision!!

They make revenue from the youtube playbacks.  I am sure it is something small but from their point of view it also has no mechanical costs and probably exposes them to a different audience than those that buy the albums elsewhere. 
5  Little-known music of all eras / New recordings / Re: Imants Kalnins Symphonies Nos. 5 & 7, Oboe Concerto, Santa Cruz on: September 17, 2018, 01:59:21 am
Would you like to add any further detail to those of us who might have some interest in the composer you are posting about or should we instinctively know what you mean?
6  Little-known music of all eras / Notice of interesting concerts around the world / Re: World premiere of Erkki-Sven Tüür’s Symphony No. 9 „Mythos“ 11.01.2018 on: September 15, 2018, 01:49:13 am
Coincidentally, my orchestral work "Mythos" was premiered 10 years ago in November, 2008. 
7  Little-known music of all eras / New recordings / Re: Vaughan Williams 'A Sea Symphony' on Hyperion on: September 09, 2018, 01:14:48 am
Much to my surprise this recording turned up at my house today, several weeks ahead of the advertised release date. Maybe because I ordered it directly from Hyperion. Anyway, I enjoyed the CD enormously. Initially I found the recording a bit cavernous and the soloists closely miked but I soon got used to it and was very gripped by the performance, slower in some sections than usual but very deeply felt throughout. I suspect that I shall be playing this version and the Haitink from now on. I'm not sure that it replaces the Haitink as my No.1 choice but it comes very close and I'm pleased to have acquired. The short Whiman setting 'Darest thou now, O soul' (1925) only lasts just over three minutes but is rather moving.

Ah....another Haitink fan Smiley
Indeed! It was the Haitink recording which brought this work 'alive' for me after decades of ignoring it - an absolutely wonderful performance.

I'm with you.  Haitink was a late discovery for me.  I heard Boult and Previn before but Haitink brought polish and maturity to the interpretation.  It was always thrilling but never before sounded as deep which is how I think of the work ultimately. 
8  Little-known music of all eras / New recordings / Re: Vaughan Williams 'A Sea Symphony' on Hyperion on: August 31, 2018, 01:25:50 am
I just don't see any reason to replace Haitink's perfect version but others prove me wrong.  It is perfect in interpretation, recording, and performance.  Moving, elegant, dreamy, longing, monumental. 
9  Little-known music of all eras / New recordings / Re: New Recordings from Dutton on: August 31, 2018, 01:23:16 am
Hallelujah!  These are discs I've always wanted even though I never knew they existed till reading your post.  My deep hope is that Brian's magnum opus, Prometheus Unbound (which is also one of my favorite literary works since a kid) would be respectfully reconstructed and orchestrated from the extant vocal score which includes the piano reduction of the orchestra.  If only I was a millionaire, I would instantly fund the effort. 

I am not a particular fan of this.
What is your thought on Mahler's 10?  To me, it is more important we have the completion because it is very different from just the first movement even if it might not be the final version Mahler might have landed on.  It is his full draft respectfully constructed and I think these other scores should be approached the same way.  Yes, it isn't perfect, it is the best we can do for now.
10  Little-known music of all eras / New recordings / Re: Lost Alfred Hitchcock film score(s) may be reconstructed via Kickstarter on: August 28, 2018, 03:08:33 pm
When it describes these scores as “lost”, did the project include the search to locate the scores?

I have for a while been wondering if this model could be used to locate the lost scores of Sergei Bortkiewicz, not least his opera “The Acrobats”, for which there are many clues as to where it might lie - but this might best be done by a professional document hunter, and that costs money. Several thousand euros apparently. I don’t know how much interest could be attracted, certainly his music is stunning.

Many famous scores were thrown away after the recording so the originals exist in a land fill.  All of the Miklos Rozsa's MGM scores were tossed. Some of his sketches may have survived (I think they're at Eastman) but not the full orchestrations. Anyone doing those now would have to rebuild them from piano conductor scores or transcriptions. Herrmann's slightly different because he orchestrated everything himself and much (but not all) of that has survived. Virtually none of the Korngold sketches exist; but the orchestrations done for the WB pictures survive because WB saved everything, or nearly everything, and they're at the WB archive that USC administers.  These "newly discovered" scores might mean there was a version not known to exist that someone finds in a library or something.  All of John Williams' musical sketches will go to Juilliard music library and within them, we might find "newly discovered" works that were just never fully realized, abandoned, first thoughts on what would be famous scores, juvenelia, etc.  These days most scores are somewhere digital so can be reproduced easily as long as the disc survives but of course in old days, these only existed in an original copy (unless someone manually copied the score by hand which would rarely be done because there wasn't time and no one thought these would be cherished in the future). 
11  Little-known music of all eras / New recordings / Re: Ruth Gipps symphonies on: August 26, 2018, 12:55:08 am
I got this CD and listening now.  I think it's lovely.  It reminds me of Meoran's very fine symphony.  It's really a very fine disc.
12  Little-known music of all eras / New recordings / Re: More Braga Santos on Naxos on: August 24, 2018, 01:11:13 am

In case anyone is interested, samples from the forthcoming Naxos CD can be heard at:

Yes, interested.  CD sounds wonderful, can't wait!
13  Little-known music of all eras / Discussion of obscure composers / Re: John Pickard on: August 14, 2018, 03:29:23 pm
I entirely agree! Pickard is one of the finest contemporary British composers. It is splendid that BIS has taken him up. What they should now do is to go back and record the Symphonies Nos. 2 and 3-both exceptionally fine works.

I second this.  I still want to hear his orchestration/reconstruction of Havergal Brian's Cleopatra Vision cantata.
14  Little-known music of all eras / Youtube performances / Re: Azarashvili on: August 11, 2018, 12:48:18 am
There's definitely a banner ad service on the top of the page. My bet is this is the most likely source of the problems. The code comments suggest Google but the script is loading from which looks semi-dodgy. (Even big players like Google Adsense can be semi-dodgy these days though :p).

Unfortunately this is why I tend to suggest to everyone to add an ad-blocker extension to your browser (like uBlock Origin). It's not great for websites you want to support but IMHO web advertising is not well controlled at the moment.

It does seem to be a malware provider. but I'm not sure if its the only one.  Why does clicking play on the youtube link above redirect to a non-youtube ransomware site if rkhenderson just posted a youtube link?  There are probably other diseases lurking here.
15  Little-known music of all eras / Youtube performances / Re: Azarashvili on: August 10, 2018, 03:22:31 pm
Actually, yesterday I clicked the links as well and nothing strange happened at all. It should be added that these are just ordinary YouTube videos, so I cannot see any reason why clicking them should do any harm. Finally, I would like to add that I know rkhenderson for years, also from private conversations. He would never post links to do any harm for sure. No idea what happened in your case.

Ok, I apologize for going off on him.  This ransomware drives me crazy and i thought his intent was malicious rather than accidentally harmful.
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