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June 27, 2022, 10:18:31 am
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1891  DOWNLOADS ARRANGED BY NATIONALITY / Downloads: discussion without links / Re: United States Music on: November 21, 2012, 11:53:38 pm
Don't start talking about food now,Dundonnell,or I'll be raiding the larder! Grin As to the Foulds World Requiem. Erm Embarrassed,well thank you very much to whoever provided that very brief upload. I suppose I'd better listen to it,now! Grin

1892  DOWNLOADS ARRANGED BY NATIONALITY / Downloads: discussion without links / Re: United States Music on: November 21, 2012, 06:26:53 pm
Well,poor old Foulds won't be getting any dosh from it,either way! Grin
1893  DOWNLOADS ARRANGED BY NATIONALITY / Downloads: discussion without links / Re: United States Music on: November 21, 2012, 06:15:33 pm
Ah....I THINK that I now understand Huh

When Sydney said that he had "taken a snapshot" of UC before the "apocalypse" he did not mean to imply that the links to downloads had been moved to this site-with the notable exception of the entire British Music Archive which Albion had backed-up and was able to move in toto.

The links to which he refers are still the same links available on that site. Where a link has disappeared from UC he has been notifying us and requesting re-uploads(which have all-I think-been provided to date Huh). Otherwise members here are being redirected to UC for the link.

Fortunately-for ME- that is Grin I do not need to be so redirected: (1) because I wouldn't get into that site since I am "excluded" even as a "guest" and (2) because I downloaded virtually everything from the site in any case before I was carted off to the scaffold. the case of the Gardner Read, I had the previous incarnations of the links from UC. If, however, as you say, Karl has improved the sound quality then I shall download the lot again Smiley
You're like me,Dundonnell. I have a 'grab-it-while-you-can' policy. I even downloaded the Foulds World Requiem the moment I saw it here. Next minute,for copyright reasons,it was gone! I still haven't listened to it yet & it's safely in my personal vault! It won't get out!
Hope I don't get banned for revealing this?!! Sad
1894  MUSIC OF ALL ERAS / Commercial recordings (vintage, new and forthcoming) / Re: New Duttons for October on: November 14, 2012, 01:39:30 am
And more Bate and Holbrooke! In that order!

Wish they were interested in Daniel Jones! Sad
1895  MUSIC OF ALL ERAS / General musical discussion / Re: British Symphonists on CD: The Winners and the Losers on: November 03, 2012, 01:48:40 am
I've to make two notes:
P.Stanford has also this recording:
On Holbrooke we have only his early works IMHO it should be concerning listen the late.Maybe like H.Brian he develops style.

That would be an intruiguing and valuable cd of music by Standford IF it was still available.......but after 12 years since the review I doubt it Sad
Standfords Fifth!! I remember hearing that,when it was broadcast,back in 1985,I think! I made a tape of it at the time. I loved it! I thought it was marvellous! A wild & wacky work if ever there was,with quotes from Mozart & Pomp & Circumstance No 1,woven in. It had a surrealistic,almost hallucinatory 'Alice in Wonderland' quality about it? (aka Tredici! Smiley) The singing by Joan Rodgers was stunningly beautiful.It got slammed by the critics apparently.....the miseries!!! The cassette got chewed up after a while by one of my dodgy (at the time) tape recorders! Smiley It really DID make a BIG impression on me at the time!
1896  MUSIC OF ALL ERAS / General musical discussion / Re: British Symphonists on CD: The Winners and the Losers on: November 03, 2012, 01:10:48 am
I tend to agree with everything you're saying here,Dundonnell. In their own way they are all pretty approachable composers. Daniel Jones,in particular (who happens to be the one I have listened to the most Grin) is actually a very lyrical composer,even richly romantic at times,in his own way.Close your eyes & there are some lovely of Welsh seascapes to enjoy! In fact,underneath that deceptively craggy exterior,the Second Symphony has some of the most colourful orchestration I have ever heard.

Fricker is in a different league! Although,I find his third symphony surprisingly approachable. This is music that requires allot of close listening & for small record labels,therein lies the problem. A pity!

Holbrooke I quite like. I don't know quite why.He's got 'something',which keeps me sufficiently intrigued to go on buying every Holbrooke cd,of significance,that comes out. Incidentally,I tend to agree with Calum MacDonalds asessment in IRR Magazine (Dec 2010) "It's not that his ideas lack character..." " but that their effect is somehow inconsequential" " Theme follows theme,follows episode,follows gesture..." He goes on to say that the music is at times impressive,but there is no "strong sense of where it is going" or whether any one part is of more value than another!
I expect you have seen this review,but I am just reminding you & trying not to breach copyright by quoting short extracts & replacing some of his eloquent wording with my own! Grin
Yet,having said that his sheer eccentricity,undoubtable gift for colorful orchestration & a spooky,at times rather lurid,gothic atmosphere somehow manages to keep me listening,even at his most uneven!
As to recordings. His obsession with Edgar Allan Poe,the inspiration for so many horror movies & authors,not to mention the fact that he composed a colossal operatic cycle inspired by the 'Mabinogion' has to be a plus point for any small,adventurous record label. I've already seen his name mentioned (somewhat enthusiastically) on several sites dealing with macabre literature. Whatever you think of his music,like Cyril Scott,he's a wacky,colourful figure & in this day &  while it's never going to turn him into a million seller,it might actually help his cause! Grin

One final point regarding David Wynne. I've been curious to hear his music for years. Unfortunately,some of what I have heard here sounds a little too much like allot of that empty,fashionable sort of music that was being written a couple of decades ago. Of course,he was very prolific & the recording quality of the symphony is a bit rough (although,thank you to whoever provided it) so I suppose I should give him the benefit of the doubt for now. Having said that,it's sufficiently intriguing in places for me to want to try more & if a cd of his orchestral music ever comes out,I will probably buy it!

1897  MUSIC OF ALL ERAS / General musical discussion / Re: British Symphonists on CD: The Winners and the Losers on: November 02, 2012, 11:44:33 pm
A fascinating & fun list. I agree with most of the 'ranking'. While Daniel Jones definately belongs in Group 1 of the 'Losers',it's also nice to see Holbrooke. The Fourth Symphony may be more of a suite,but it's a fascinating oddity, with a gorgeously orchestrated slow movement,if I remember correctly.I can't wait to hear more!
  I am a little displeased to see David Wynne in Group 2,however. I'm not quite convinced by the Symphony I've heard here & judging by the other compositions available here,he's not in the Daniel Jones league......but,he IS Welsh,after all!!! Grin
1898  MUSIC OF ALL ERAS / Individual composers / Re: Great Russian Finales! on: November 01, 2012, 01:13:06 am
 Embarrassed Well,this is EXTREMELY embarassing! The gong I was referring to occurs towards the end of the 'Eroica Fantasia' fill-up,not the third symphony. This is what comes of listening on cordless headphones while doing things (You can't see the tracking on the cd player,because it's in another room! ).Dear oh dear!! I quite like old Anton Rubinstein at his best,but this sort of thing REALLY doesn't help his cause!! Grin My excuse,I bought symphonies 3-5,a few weeks ago & had one perfunctory listen through,while working! Embarrassed
A big gong for me,I think!!! Sad Embarrassed

Regarding Russian finales I DO know well enough to comment on. I would put Rachmaninov Symphonies 1 & 2 and Scriabin No 2 right near the top!

1899  MUSIC OF ALL ERAS / Individual composers / Re: Great Russian Finales! on: October 31, 2012, 11:03:46 pm
Since not everyone would regard many compositions by Rubinstein as exciting,I'd better have another listen now! Grin He has his supporters,though. I have heard his Fifth (which I bought recently) is possibly his best & most 'Russian' sounding symphony & I shall be having another listen soon!
1900  MUSIC OF ALL ERAS / Individual composers / Re: Great Russian Finales! on: October 31, 2012, 07:04:44 pm
I could have just been in a good mood,of course! Smiley
1901  MUSIC OF ALL ERAS / Individual composers / Re: Walter Thomas Gaze Cooper (1895-1981) on: October 31, 2012, 06:11:09 pm
I second that! Ever since reading about Gaze Cooper in a BMS newsletter,back in the 80s I think,I have been intrigued about this composer! The name certainly helps! 'Gaze Cooper' would look great on the front of a cd,even if the music wasn't!! Grin
And now a review! And let's face it,the world isn't exactly swimming in reviews of Gaze Cooper!!! And this one is positive. Good!

I understand Cameo Classics are interested in this composer & they have already recorded a small piece,which I am afraid I haven't bought (hypocrite! Embarrassed)....but the price (only available from CC) & the other items have discouraged me!
1902  MUSIC OF ALL ERAS / Individual composers / Re: Great Russian Finales! on: October 31, 2012, 06:00:40 pm
I bought the Naxos reissue of Rubinsteins 3rd symphony a few weeks ago. After struggling through the Fourth,(dear oh dear! Roll Eyes)I quite enjoyed this one. The finale was a suprise. Very exciting in places & if memory serves me correctly a gong stroke right at the end,which took me completely by suprise. I was halfway upstairs (cordless headphones!) & I was lucky to stay vertical! Shocked

1903  DOWNLOADS ARRANGED BY NATIONALITY / Downloads: discussion without links / Re: Austrian Music on: October 29, 2012, 11:32:48 pm
I have uploaded Schreker's wonderful opera Der Schatzgršber (1915-18) in the 1968 ORF broadcast - a bit boomy, but far superior to the disappointing Capriccio set.

Marvellous! Thank you,Albion! Smiley I have been waiting to hear a decent performance of this opera ever since hearing the Radio 3 broadcast in 1985,I think,conducted by Lothar Zagrosek. I remember the woman singing in the lead role had a stunningly beautiful voice. Her singing was really that lovely! I also remember that I had a Landlord at the time & his brother who came to stay with him obviously wasn't that keen,but I remember him saying what a beautiful voice she had. I have now located your response to my original post relating to this performance & singer on the U***** C******** forum Shocked Grin informing me that her name was Ana Pusar! Not exactly a household name (over here,anyway),but ooh,she was good. Yet,when Capriccio issue a premiere recording we get the equivalent of an aural scythe!! Shocked Sad Sad (I remember the Gramophone reviewer referring to this aspect of her vocal abilities!!) Dear,oh dear!! Sad Also,I remember the sumptuousness of the 1985 performance. The orchestra was fantastic! Why couldn't someone have brought THAT performance out on cd?!!!! It's crazy!!! I actually taped it at the time,but my grotty cassette player of the time chewed the tapes up!!!!
Anyway,thank you so much Albion. Although,having said that,ingrate as I am,if anyone out there has tapes of that 1985 performance,imho,you REALLY would be doing everyone a big favour by providing us with an upload! Particularly for Ana Pusar,but also for that wonderful orchestral playing. (In fact,as far as I can remember,all the other performers were very good) Also,it's the first performance I ever heard! If only someone would release it on cd!!
In the meantime,I can't wait to hear this one!!!!! Smiley Smiley Smiley
1904  DOWNLOADS ARRANGED BY NATIONALITY / Downloads: discussion without links / Re: British and Irish Music on: October 17, 2012, 10:04:12 pm

My response is in the thread- "Individual Composers: Daniel Jones" Smiley
When I revisited the forum I realised it wasn't a Daniel Jones thread! Lucky for me it's not the UC!! Shocked Grin Apologies,anyway!

Thanks for the link Jim. From what I've read (various reviews) I don't think I'm going to be too crazy about his music;but you've got to hear a composer first. Who knows? Perhaps I'll be snowed under with Gordon Getty cds?! Grin

 Grin Yes,you really DID answer all my 'points' in 'that' post,Dundonnell! I think I was just having a moan,really. Sometime it helps! Sad Grin

1905  DOWNLOADS ARRANGED BY NATIONALITY / Downloads: discussion without links / Re: British and Irish Music on: October 17, 2012, 05:56:06 pm
I have uploaded my recording of Daniel Jones' Symphony No.12 conducted by Grant Llewellyn: one of the most concentrated of Jones' works (a quixotic piece with wide and sudden dynamic contrasts) it certainly demands repeated listening ...


... I simply can't believe that there isn't a commercial audience for music of this quality.

 Roll Eyes
Thank you Albion!
I've known the old Lps of 4,6,7,8 & 9 for years (and,latterly,the Lyrita cds) Of course,here in Wales they were always in the libraries. Listening to the entire cycle,courtesy of the uploads here,it is very hard to understand why they aren't programmed here (at least!) on a regular basis. Here we are with this tremendous symphonic cycle & our supposed BBC National Orchestra of Wales playing Russian,German & Finnish composers,but no Daniel Jones?!! Why? Is it because they just think he's c**p? Because no one will want to listen to them? (No back sides on the seats!)
I hope it's not the former! Shocked Sad

Meanwhile the Welsh National Opera have received a £1.2m donation from the Getty Family,which will be used to present a new series of contemporary operas,including.....suprise..suprise.....Gordon Getty's opera 'Usher House'!! Norman Lebrecht has expressed his suprise at David Pountney's* " eleventh-hour enthusiasm for Getty's work",describing him (Getty) on his blog as "talentless". To be fair,I haven't heard Getty's music,so I can't really comment on that,but I can't see any Welsh opera's on their list (unless I've missed one! Roll Eyes ).

*WNO Chief Executive & Artistic Director.
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