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June 30, 2022, 02:09:12 am
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16  MUSIC OF ALL ERAS / General musical discussion / Re: What are you currently listening to? on: June 25, 2022, 01:15:49 am
Wel,I didn't have to worry too much about someone telling me it was rubbish,with the forum this quiet! (Although,someone may yet oblige?!! Grin) At this rate I might even get away with extolling my love of the creative output of Tikhon Khrennikov! Shocked Grin (If I had a pound for every locked thread that has resulted from the mere mention of his name?!!)

On a more positive note,I just bought a s/h copy of this 2 cd set,from a seller on Ebay Smiley!

17  MUSIC OF ALL ERAS / General musical discussion / Re: What are you currently listening to? on: June 23, 2022, 02:41:12 pm
More Pffffffffff-itzner!

Symphony op.36,Elegie und Reigen op.45,Fantasie op.56  Bamberg Symphony Orchestra / Werner Andreas Albert    Cpo

Someone's going to tell me it's rubbish (if any members posts here?) but I must admit I'm impressed by this symphony. In fact,I think it's an impressive piece. Like allot of Pfitzner's music it surprised me,when I first heard it. I thought he was going to be a throw back to the late nineteenth century;but the main influiences seem to be from the first decade (or two) of the twentieth century. Mahler  and Schreker spring to mind. Indeed,'Mahlerian',is how I would describe part's of this symphony. Particularly,the big climaxes in the first movement. And there's a lovely,serene slow movement with some quite beautiful writing for the strings and woodwind. This is the quite of big,late romantic symphony that rocks my boat! A few years ago I had look around the internet to find out what people thought of Pfitzner's music. What I found wasn't too positive and there wasn't allot! Now,I find allot of enthusiastic reviews and allot of posts at the GMG forum expressing admiration for some of his music. The performance on this cd is very good,to my ears;and the sound quality is up to Cpo's usual standard (very good!). While,it was listening to this I was thinking it would be great to hear the Berlin Philharmonic perform this work (and his Violin Concert,please! Grin).

                 "Well,it's better than the Rufinatscha!"                  
18  DOWNLOADS ARRANGED BY NATIONALITY / Downloads: only direct links / Re: British Music on: June 21, 2022, 02:10:01 am
Thank you for that! Smiley Nice to 'see you' over here! I'll have a listen. I don't know any of David Mathews music!
19  MUSIC OF ALL ERAS / General musical discussion / Re: What are you currently listening to? on: June 20, 2022, 10:34:35 am
Playing on Radio 3,right now! John Ireland's Epic March!

I was going to turn the Beeb off. I only leave it on overnight to keep the channel clear for my Sennheiser cordless headphones,but I had to look at the display to see what was playing. John Ireland is one of my favourite British composers and I must admit this piece hasn't made that much impression on me,to date! But listening now,it's quite a stirring piece & I might just play it,when I put on the Boult cd! His Piano Concerto is one of my favourite Piano Concertos. Indeed,one of my favourite Piano Concertos. He wrote superbly for the piano & I love his solo piano music. I have more than one boxed set!
20  MUSIC OF ALL ERAS / General musical discussion / Re: What are you currently listening to? on: June 20, 2022, 10:08:01 am
Schubert: The Last Four Quartets     Quartetto Italiano  Philips Duo 2cd's


Sorry dhibbard! Grin  For my money,these have got to be amongst the loveliest and most sublime of all String Quartets. And that goes for most of,if not all of his chamber music. If you find Chamber music a bit difficult to grasp (as opposed to indifferent or hate it!) his String Quartet No 14 "Death & the Maiden" & String Quartet No 13 "Rosamunde" are two of the most lyrical,tuneful & thereby,most readily approachable/accessible. Indeed,even if you prefer,or only listen to,orchestral music by composers,from this era,you will know the tune in No 14 (and the name!). Indeed,his Piano Quintet in A major, D. 667,popularly known as the "Trout Quintet",is very probably the most tuneful piece of chamber music ever composed. It's just movement after movement of lovely,hummable tunes! When I was young it was,indeed,the only piece of chamber music I liked,thanks to my grandparent's radiogram and collection of Lp's. The Trout Quintet was on a thick old 50's Lp (like a black dinner plate with grooves! A 10 inch-er,I believe?! And that's it,below) and the musicians were Members of the Vienna Octet. I also remember that the "waltz man",Willi Boskovsky,who became famous for his conducting of Johann Strauss II,played the violin on it!

NB: I would make these images a bit smaller,but I have to listen out for a delivery van!
21  MUSIC OF ALL ERAS / Commercial recordings (vintage, new and forthcoming) / Rued Langgaard with the Berlin Philharmonic! on: June 16, 2022, 08:45:51 pm
 A Rued Langgaard symphony (No 1) performed by the Berlin Philharmonic (+ Langgaard mini festival)! Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked (Actually,it's 'returning'!) And a recording will follow! Wow-ee! Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked
22  MUSIC OF ALL ERAS / General musical discussion / Re: What are you currently listening to? on: June 16, 2022, 07:33:50 pm
Robert Schumann: Symphonies 1-4 & Manfred Overture / The Detroit Symphony Orchestra / Paul Paray    Mercury 2 cd's

Excellent recordings of the symphonies conducted by Paul Paray,a conductor rated very higly by classical fans & me! Some of his recordings can be a bit hard to get,unfortunately & pricey. You just have to keep looking. These recordings boast the fabled 'Mercury' sound,which I love and still (at least in most cases) sound amazing,even in this day & age,in terms of the sheer clarity of the sound. (Mercury recordings also have a very distinctive sound!) The Fourth symphony & Manfred Overture are in mono sound,however! But,I love mono,so what not to like? Although,if I bought a new recording & it was in mono I might not be so thrilled?! But I do mean mono from when mono recordings were the current technology,of course! I mean,recording a piece of music in mono now would be a bit daft! (Okay,they get your point now! ed. Roll Eyes Grin)
23  MUSIC OF ALL ERAS / Commercial recordings (vintage, new and forthcoming) / Re: Symphony 4 Louis Glass / Staatsorchester Rheinische Philharmonie on: June 16, 2022, 07:05:30 pm

Finally a new release this month from CPO....  Symphony no 4...with the  Staatsorchester Rheinische Philharmonie

Should be a good one ...
And Cpo have,obviously,taken my advice and issued a recording of the Louis Glass symphony I most wanted them to record after No's 3 & 5! Smiley (Actually,it's just a coincidence,but,as far as I could make out,from the absolutely dire (I wish I could say otherwise!) Plovdiv recordings,the one that the I would most like to hear in a decent,or,preferably,first rate recording (in excellent sound!).
24  MUSIC OF ALL ERAS / Individual composers / Re: Edvard Grieg (1843-1907) on: June 16, 2022, 01:21:52 pm
Indeed! One of the problem's with allot of the,admittedly,very enjoyable Piano Concerto's I've listened to (I admit to enjoying all the keyboard wizardry,heroics & glamour) is the lack of a a really good tune,or even one,at all!) but the Grieg has one of the best & most memorable tunes ever written by any composer. One of the most arresting openings ever! And it's very well (indeed,beautifully) constructed! I sound like an engineer saying that;but even if you're not a musician you know when something meanders (like my posts!). And I don't,necessarily,mean as badly as Draeseke! Roll Eyes
25  MUSIC OF ALL ERAS / Individual composers / Edvard Grieg (1843-1907) on: June 16, 2022, 12:59:26 pm
Grieg: String Quartets / Chilingirian Quartet    Hyperion

One of my favourite composers! I can't think of a single piece of music I haven't enjoyed by Edvard Grieg! Indeed his incidental music for Peer Gynt is one of my favourite pieces of music ever and I have multiple recordings. I like his Piano Concerto,but I tend to agree that he was at his best when his imagination was unrestricted by such convention's of form. That said,he still came up with one of the greatest,most popular & tuneful concertos ever written. So pretty good going,when you think about it?!! And it got to appear on the Morecambe and Wise show!
26  MUSIC OF ALL ERAS / General musical discussion / Re: What are you currently listening to? on: June 15, 2022, 12:52:06 pm
It's Pffffffffffffffffffffffffffff ffffffffffffffffffitzner! Shocked Grin        String Quartets in D minor & op. 36       Franz Schubert Quartet    Cpo


                    Ze String Quartet zat grew up and became a symphony!                                              Go on Hans,gissa smile! Smiley (He looks like me when I get up in the morning!)

I confess to liking some of the old curmudgeon's music! Mind you,I'm turning into a bit of one myself! Although,I don't plan on any goose stepping! (Unless,I want to pull another muscle!) His String Quartet's are satisfying creation's,imo! He turned one of these into a Symphony,later on! The bounder! Shocked
27  MUSIC OF ALL ERAS / Commercial recordings (vintage, new and forthcoming) / Re: Arthur Sullivan: L’île Enchantée: ballet in one (etc) Dutton on: June 14, 2022, 03:07:33 pm
It does seem like a "must buy/must have"!
28  MUSIC OF ALL ERAS / General musical discussion / Re: What are you currently listening to? on: June 14, 2022, 12:46:57 pm
Joachim Raff: String Quartets No's 1 & 7 "Die schöne Müllerin"     Quartetto di Milano   Tudor

While I don't think Draeseke and Rufinatscha are the major talent's some folk at a certain forum think they are,I must admit I do enjoy allot of music by the other bloke they revere and who even seems to be the raison d'être for that forum's existence! (I wish I could say otherwise (spitting in pan! Grin) but I think Raff was a very talented composer. I would hesitate to put him "up there" with the greatest,though. He,undoubtedly,had a rich imagination and had a brilliant gift for writing colourful,imaginative,romantic scores. I think his best symphonies deserve an occasional hearing & would go down well with audiences in concert halls. Perhaps not so well with the critics! I think some of his chamber music is of a very high quality,indeed & it is hard to understand why music of such high quality isn't good enough for the repertory. I think one of the problem's is that,even if a 'critic' likes a piece of music,they don't want to put their head above the parapet and admit they like,or even,admire it;because they know what the majority think! And then there's the phenomena of people thinking in pack's which psychologist's,sociologist's & even occultist's have written about! But I don't think I'll go into that here?!! While I don't like comparisons anymore than allot of member's here and I believe in enjoying a piece of music for it's own sake,I would hesitate to put Raff "up there" with the likes of Mendelssohn,Schubert,Schumann & Weber. I think his music tends to lack the visionary and spiritual qualities and humanity (not that Raff wasn't a nice man) I find in some of those composer's. There is an element of the "drawing room" to some of Raff's symphonies,which tend's to leave them,somewhat,wanting in comparison. Which is why Raff's depiction of woodland & sprites pales in comparison to Mendelssohn's A Midsummer Night's Dream (for example). It is a lovely score,though and possibly my favourite Raff symphony,along with No 4. There's no doubt Raff's symphonies should be enjoyed on their own terms. Indeed,I like them all & in many respects,taken as a whole,they are an important contribution to romantic music of the period and deserve to heard! Anyone who doubt's Raff's talent for orchestration needs to have a listen to No 9. The performance on the Tudor cd is superb.

NB: like to think that if Raff was,somehow alive,or "with us",he'd be hiding from AH & the other forum moderator's (over there!) on this message board,while appreciating all the work they do on his behalf from a safe distance! Grin
29  MUSIC OF ALL ERAS / Commercial recordings (vintage, new and forthcoming) / Walford Davies,Alfred M Wall,Susan Spain-Dunk: Piano Quintets Dutton on: June 12, 2022, 11:01:32 pm
And what did I say about Susan Spain-Dunk?! I nearly missed this one! I like some of Walford Davies' chamber music! (I haven't heard Everyman or his Solemn Melody!) I've never heard of Alfred M Wall,until now!

30  MUSIC OF ALL ERAS / General musical discussion / Re: What are you currently listening to? on: June 12, 2022, 10:52:03 pm
Brahms: Symphonies 1-4      Wiener Philharmoniker / Rafael Kubelik     Decca Eloquence  2 cd's

Brahm's heaven! Smiley Magnificent performance's recorded in Vienna,during 1956 & 57,in lovely stereo! I do love the choice of the statue of Brahms for the cover artwork! The perfect antidote after you've been waiting for something to happen while listening to your Draeseke symphony collection! This really sort's out the men from the boys! Grin Smiley
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