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Title: Andrei Shtoharenko - Symphony
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Andrei Shtoharenko (Андрій Штогаренко) was born in the village of Novi Kaidaky (now part of the large city of Dnipro) in  1902.

He left us six symphonies in all (1947, 1965, 1971, ?, ?, ?)  , and at least two string quartets (1935 and 1960).

The present work, apparently not counted among his symphonies proper, so not in fact number one, appeared in 1943.

Symphony-Cantata for Bass, Mezzo Soprano, Choir and Orchestra

Words by Andriy Malyshko and Maksym Rylsky
I. Ukraine, arise!
II. Cradle Song
III. Partizans
IV. The Party conducts us

Oleksandr Sahrebelny, bass
Larisa Yurchenko, mezzo soprano
Choir and Symphony Orchestra of Kiev Conservatory
Conductor: Stepan Turchak