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Title: Dutch Music for Oboe and Piano from Centaur
Post by: kyjo on September 15, 2012, 03:03:31 am
Yes, I know it's not orchestral, but it's not often that we get Dutch music (CPO's extremely slow-moving Badings symphony cycle being a case in point), so I thought I'd bring this release up here, as it includes music by some of our favorites (Badings, Hendrik Andriessen) :). The major works on the CD, though, are by Rontgen, who isn't really one of my (and somebody else's ;D) favorites. The oboist is Sheri Mattson and the pianist is Juanita Becker (The Lake Cottage Duo). Here are the contents of the CD:

-Julius Rontgen: Hirtenlied; Oboe Sonata no. 1; Oboe Sonata no. 2 in D major
-Alexander Voormolen: Pastorale
-Hendrik Andriessen: Ballade
-Henk Badings: Cavatina