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Title: A symphony by Hisato Ohzawa
Post by: guest54 on September 09, 2012, 04:29:07 pm
Hisato Ohzawa (or Ozawa, or 大澤壽人) is not in Grove's Dictionary, but there is a shortish Wikipaedia page here: (

A Swedish broadcast of a recording of his Third Symphony of 1937 took place two days ago.

Here are the programme details: (

There are a number of ways to hear the music; for example you may:

1) simply click on "Klassisk förmiddag" above the picture.


2) download from the two direct links: ( (

Each of these parts lasts about an hour, and the symphony is just too long to fit in the first hour, so you will need to download the second part to get the final three minutes of the work.