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Title: Stanford's 'Shamus O’Brien' on Retrospect Opera [Possibly]
Post by: patmos.beje on May 01, 2020, 10:51:07 pm

After the CD release of The Travelling Companion on the SOMM label last year and the stated intention to release last year's Wexford Festival Opera’s performance of The Veiled Prophet on CD (RTÉ lyric fm label?), Retrospect Opera have announced that they intend to record in 2021, in a joint venture with BBC Radio 3, Stanford's most famous opera Shamus O’Brien

The caveat is the recording will be subject to funding (and, presumably, the length of the current crisis which may prejudicially affect recordings).

I hope it happens. 


The Retrospect label has released several rare operas including, recently, Ethel Smyth's Fête Galante, and intends to record George Alexander Macfarren's The Soldier’s Legacy.