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Title: Institute for Russian Music Studies
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Institute for Russian Music Studies


The Institute for Russian Music Studies is an international learned society devoted to the advancement of Russian music scholarship. The main activity of the society is its annual conference conducted in the informal and relaxed atmosphere of the Italian Alps for participants from Europe, Asia, Australia, North and South Americas that includes representatives of institutions of higher learning, scholars, and graduate students. Regular annual conferences will explore a wide variety of themes that will contribute in a systematic fashion to the mission of the IRMS of enhancing the knowledge about Russian art music, music which has won a major place in the concert repertoire across the world and the hearts of generations of music lovers.   


Conference Committee:

Ada Aynbinder (Tchaikovsky State Museum-Reserve, State Institute for Art Studies, Russia)

Philip Ross Bullock (University of Oxford, UK)

Olga Digonskaya (Shostakovich Archive, Russian National Museum of Music, Russia) 

Emily Frey (Swarthmore College, USA)

Marina Frolova-Walker (Cambridge University, UK)

Larisa Jackson (University of Houston - Downtown, USA; OMF, Italy)

Simon Morrison (Princeton University, USA)