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Title: Special request from Martin Anderson
Post by: guest377 on September 21, 2019, 12:07:32 am
O vos omnes

Can any member of this list help me find two sources and an image?

The sources are required for a Toccata Press book on Berlioz: 'Discovering Berlioz', a collection of David Cairns' essays and obiter scripta.

1. At one point David quotes 'Ernő Dohnányi’s response to Robert Simpson (as recounted by the latter) when, on their discussing the necessity of composing at the piano and Simpson’s remarking that Berlioz didn’t, Dohnányi replied, "Berlioz is not a composer"'. David thinks it might have been in The Listener but isn't sure. Can anyone point me to the original source, please?

2. Edward Dent likened Les Troyens to ‘some buried city of the ancient world", awaiting discovery. Again, can anyone point me to the source?

The image I am seeking is that of the Hamburg-born, Paris-based composer Wilhelm Goldner (1839–1907) for the cover of a Toccata Classics recording of three of his six Suites modernes. But I can't seem to find a picture of him anywhere. It may be that, since Goldner was Jewish, the Nazis' clear-out of material from and on Jewish composers from Germany's archives is still being felt even now -- I don't know.

Many thanks
Martin A

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