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Title: JN David Symphony No 2 - Scherzo
Post by: Gauk on January 07, 2019, 07:41:38 pm
So, I was listening to music during a long drive (iPod) and up came Johann Nepomuk David's second symphony. My curiosity was piqued by the scherzo third movement, which hadn't attracted my attention before. About halfway through the movement an insistent side drum starts up in what is a very clear nod to Ravel's Bolero. Today I thought I would like to hear it again on my new stereo system, so dug out the CPO recording. But - no side drum! Seemed very odd, and I wondered for a moment if there was something wrong with the stereo.

I worked out that what is on my iPod is not the CPO performance but one from our downloads section here. But it seemed very weird that the CPO recording should miss out on what is an essential part of the orchestral texture in this movement. Having listened again with the volume way up, I THINK the side drum is actually present but so recessed as to be almost inaudible. Can someone confirm? But imagine releasing a recording of Bolero where you can't hear the side drum rhythm. It doesn't speak very highly of the CPO engineer.