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Title: To say hello I would like to introduce me and my project
Post by: guest714 on January 23, 2018, 08:17:47 pm
OK since it would take very much time and Forumdiscussion to present here all over 3300 mp3 of classical (often unsung or never recorded before= 1500) music I produced and present online. (

I try to be short in just sum it all up as my project. If you believe those amount of recordings would be in any way unusual high, keep in mind that the amount is already the result of more than 10 years work and rises for the reason I enjoyed to do complete recordings (f.i. Bach Clavieruebungen, Haydn Piano-Sonatas, A.A.Klengel 120 Canons and Fugues,  Alban Bergs nonscenic works and I often tend to do recordings twice in the sound of period instruments and modern grand Pianos.)

For friends of symphonic music some for the first time recorded Works of Draeseke (Frithjof, et al.), Nicodé (Das Meer, Gloria!) might be interesting.

And to be clear as unmistakable my project is called "": all recordings are produced with my Digital Audio-Workstation and all available Software which apears to be useful for my project.  They do not build upon any existing recordings of any interpretation, but use professional libraries of single notes of every possible soundcharacter of all needed traditional instruments ("Samplelibraries") to produce my own completly new individual interpretations of the compositions I decided to realise.

You must not listen to anything if this fact has anything you are not able to accept.

But if you just like music, open your mind and ears and you might perhaps find, that I really always tried hard to do my best to make audible in the for me most possible pleasant way what I like to hear myself. 

Take this point as my startingpoint to share keep some my future projects with you. If you like to discuss any of my already existing projects this might be a good place. Otherwise this is at least the hint to the status quo of my current projects.

Title: Re: To say hello I would like to introduce me and my project
Post by: Balapoel on January 23, 2018, 11:25:26 pm
Excellent works - and excellent work! Thank you!