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Title: Rufus and the Saucer by Edward Schaffer
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Edward A Schaffer                  
Long Beach CA 90808

©2014 Edward Schaffer
About 3200 Words


The dog was getting antsy, and I knew why.  Every night, Rufus, my large, cheerful, red standard poodle and I took our evening constitutional through the park.  I should pay more attention to Rufus' attitude at times.  He often has a sixth sense about things, but I was either distracted by work, or tired from lack of sleep recently ... to notice that he seemed perked up when we entered our neighborhood park.  The weather had a little fall chill, but nothing odd...   A full moon gave us some ambient light, and as we approached the baseball diamond, now very quiet, there was a strange glow behind the left field fence.   Something about this brought to mind how in the movie, "Field of Dreams", the ghosts would enter the field through a fence of ivy in the outfield.  But this was something different.  No ghosts - I hoped.  Rufus was very interested in the light.  I asked him, "What is it buddy?”  He of course wasn't going to answer English, but even in the moonlight, I could see his eyes.  And I knew that look. That look, for the past few years told me that Rufus' could sense that something was not right.
Rufus pulled me on the leash towards the strange glow, and as we grew closer, it was evident that it was not a regular occurrence.   This was not the light from the baseball field - those were off, of course.  It came from the sky?  Not sure, but what else could be the source?   It was an effervescent bluish-purple, and shown on the area like a spotlight.   But I could see no source- it was just there.  Rufus' nose was sniffing something imaginary in the air.  Or I thought it was imaginary.   Usually, Rufus' does not respond to anything that isn't real.  The real squirrels had gone to bed in the trees.  So, what was this light?
As I got closer with my friend, I could see motion inside the perimeter of the light but nothing alive.  Waves of light were dancing about.  Rufus was mesmerized, and wasn’t afraid.   We did not cross into the glow but stayed several feet outside of it.  After a couple of minutes the motion ceased.   But, the glow grew brighter, and turned white.   Suddenly a figure of a tall man appeared, neither fat, nor thin, but he seemed to have an aristocratic bearing.    Was it a holographic projection?  He looked at me.    He looked at Rufus, and smiled.   He spoke, "Hunting dog!  Good!  What game is there around here?"   I answered him that he was in a city, and there was no hunting going on here...  The figure looked around, and noticed the baseball field.  "What manner of arena is this?"  I noticed that his attire was not 21st century, and I got a chill up my spine...  Where did he come from?   I had inadvertently wandered into the lighted area.
Suddenly I lost consciousness....  Continued...

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Post by: BigEdLB on July 01, 2017, 04:10:22 pm
Suddenly I lost consciousness. I do not know how long I was out, but when I woke up I was in a large room, Rufus was lying next to me.  He came to, and started to bark at something over our heads.  I could see now that the dimly lit room was circular, and there were windows completely around the room, up over our heads.  I estimated they were 10 feet above Rufus and me.  I had seen things like this in TV shows and movies; in a setting of teaching hospitals, where student doctors would over look a surgery or examination of...  a cadaver...   
Then a voice spoke.  It wasn't English, or any other language that I had heard spoken.   There seemed to be a lot of beeps and clicking in the voice.   A light came on behind someone who seemed to be in authority.   Only thing is he didn't look human.   Suddenly the clicking voice turned understandable.  It was deep, and had a trace of some sort of British accent. He spoke apologetically, "It is most rude to say words our guest cannot understand.  Remember, he has a companion animal, and that shows a higher level of civilization."   At this point, Rufus... growled and then barked towards the being in the window.   Then I heard the sound of laughter.   The man who seemed to be in charge spoke again, admonishing the others.  "This is the mark of this kind of companion animal, rare in the local systems.  As we all know, it is called, 'dog', just like the others we have.  He is protecting his human.   There is another such creature, a 'gwibgwob' in the (garbled words) system".    I spoke, asking him to repeat the name of the 'system'.  Though I didn’t expect an answer, saying I didn't understand what he said."  The apparent leader said, "My pardons sir, you call it, 'Epsilon Eridani'." I was nervous.  This guy seemed too polished, and a little too polite.  What did he mean, "The others we have"?   I remembered the old TV show, “Twilight Zone”, where the story was about an alien civilization, which had a cookbook, "To Serve Man".  I wondered if Rufus and I would be the main course of some intergalactic feast.  I spoke up, "Why am I here…to get probed?  To be the main course, with my friend here a side dish?   Why am I so interesting?"   
"Probed?"  He replied. Laughing, he said, "No.   As to your concern about becoming some sort of main course…  My doctor says I have to cut down on sodium, and Earthling meat is too salty”. There was a gasp.   Then Laughter… “Just kidding.   But we would like the assistance of your associate there."   I was somehow worried that we might not get to leave...   "When he is done with what we would like him to do, we will put the both of you back where we left you."   That statement meant to calm me did little to help my state of mind.    He apologized for the holographic image of the fellow in the light beam, and said it was to distract me, in order to get me up on the 'craft', as he called it.     Note to self: Beware of Holographic images in a park. Continued...

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Note to self: Beware of Holographic images in a park.
I thought to myself; depending on what was in his mind, and him holding all the cards...  Not knowing where Rufus and I were, and the possibility of us getting away if we cooperated, I felt I had little choice.   I looked at Rufus, and he seemed to be calmer than I would have expected.  I was a little on edge and cannot deny that.
Hesitantly I said, "OK, let's see what you have in mind."   At this point, a door opened and one of the beings of the ship approached me.  The lights brightened, and I could see it was female.   She was very human looking.  I noted that she had lilac hair, short and kind of spiky, and the pupils of her eyes were all black, without irises.   Nice human female figure, ten fingers, which was somehow reassuring, but could not see the toes because she was wearing sneakers.  Sneakers? For all I know she might have had harry feet.  "Come this way human, and bring your friend.  My name is Kira.”  She said in an almost normal voice, again with a slight British accent.   Even considering the odd eyes she might be considered cute in human terms.  You see hair like that a lot on college campuses, only hers appeared to be natural.  As I went down several corridors, I could see she was typical looking of some of the members of the crew of this ship, but not like the leader who resembled some of the drawings/sketches of Roswell, New Mexico aliens I had seen.   As I looked at my guide, I remembered hearing those weird stories about human-alien crossbreeds from my grandfather, but I tried to suppress my curiosity, and avoid questions that would delay Rufus' and my departure.
Finally we came to a door that my guide directed me to enter.   I thanked her, and she smiled.  As I entered the room, she followed.  There were two other of the leader-type aliens there, and the reason became clear why Rufus was desired.   The two aliens had two standard poodles on leashes.   
From another room, the leader, who I was told was the captain of the ship, entered and said, "As the owner of the stud, would you like to inspect our females?"   I looked around for someone to hold Rufus' leash.    Kira offered.  And Rufus, who has a good sense about 'people', didn't seem to mind.  I approached the two females, and they seemed quite well cared for, and friendly.  On inspection they both seemed in heat, and that would explain Rufus' tail wagging since the two girl dogs entered the room.   I informed the two handlers that they both seemed fine, and I complemented the care they had been given.  They seemed pleased.  But, I informed them that the American protocol was to have two matings, as a measure of control, taking place over 2-3 days...    The captain said he was aware of that, but in order to get me back quickly, he would take his chances.   To my surprise he handed me their registration papers.   The owner’s address was in Pioche, Nevada.  "Nevada?" I asked.  The leader said, "You never heard of Area 51?"  The leader chuckled.   "One of our agents lives there.  He handles all of our Earth legal matters.   We also checked out your Rufus online, after watching you in the park every day for awhile, and your Rufus was selected for this mission."  Continued

Title: Re: Rufus and the Saucer by Edward Schaffer
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"...and your Rufus was selected for this mission." 
One of the girl dogs was let out of the room, and Rufus and the other girl were unleashed, and we all stood back.   Rufus, being Rufus wasted no time with his newest conquest, and she didn’t put up much of a struggle.
Then when the process was done, the captain said, “We'll give Rufus a little rest.  Come this way."   They led Rufus and me to another room where a table was laid out with a decent buffet...    Like a deli.  The leader assured me that the food was Earth food from various delicatessens in the New York area.   I made myself a turkey sandwich, sharing a slice of the deli turkey with Rufus.   I engaged in conversations with several of my hosts, particularly, with my cute guide, Kira.  Turns out she had a taste for pastrami...   I told her that it is better with mustard.  She laughed, “Next time, I’ll remember the Grey Poupon”.   
Then she gave me the lowdown about herself. My supposition was correct.  She told me that her mother was English, from a farm outside Liverpool, where the crop circles were reported.  Her mom had just broken up with a boyfriend, a nasty breakup, then was taken up on a craft piloted by her dad who was making the circles in a fallow bean field.   At that point in her life, she had no desire to return to Earth, and fell in love with the charismatic captain of the ship.     
I told her that my grandfather had some sort of encounter on his ranch.  Weird stories about a father and son on a saucer, and my grandmother had given them corn on the cob.   “Do you like corn on the cob, Kira?
You know, there are plenty of fine poodle studs all over the country and world.  I am very curious, why did you folks decide I would be sympathetic?”  Kira smiled at me, but said nothing.  I looked at her in a way that told her that I needed a full answer.   The reply stunned me.  “We knew you would be sympathetic.”   I had a curious look on my face.  “Your grandfather protected by father and grandfather about 50 years ago.  Those stories he told were about my dad and grandpa.”  The odd tales my grandfather has talked about in a small circle of the family, now made sense.   “Papa and Grandpa were on a small craft and came to Earth to get some supplies.   The ship had trouble.  It made an emergency landing on your grandfather’s land.  He came out of his house and saw it.   My grandpa came out of the ship and asked him for help.   He had taken a big chance.  Apparently your grandpa had heard the New Mexico stories, and was fascinated by them.
Your grandfather said, “Come on, let get this thing in the barn.  Government types will be coming this way soon.  Nosey bureaucrats.”  Our grandfathers rolled the little ship into the barn.   Then your grandfather saw my dad, who was just a little boy, about five, peering out of the craft...  He asked if my dad was hungry.  My grandpa said that he was.   Apparently your grandmother was cooking.  Your grandfather brought out a plate of corn on the cob...  My grandpa loved corn on the cob, from earlier visits, and taught my papa how to eat it.   My papa ate it and got every kernel.   Your grandfather asked whom they needed to contact.  My grandpa said he could contact the mother ship for parts, as the radio was fine.   At that point your grandfather heard a honking horn outside.   He told my papa and grandpa to be quiet.  Your grandmother had also been told by him to stay put in the house.  Your grandfather went outside.  There was a car with US government license plates.   The driver stepped out and started to ask about strange aircraft.  Your grandfather started to talk about the crazy neighbor, Willie, and this glider he was trying to fly.  He went on -- telling these men in the car that one of these days,        “Willie is gonna get himself, ‘kilt’.”  Then he asked if that was what they were looking for, because if it was, they were wasting time.   One of the guys said they were looking for someone flying something totally unusual.  Your grandfather, guessing what they were after, said to them, ‘Gort barada nikto’.  Papa later found out it was from the movie, ‘The Day the Earth Stood Still’.   We don’t have robots that laser zap folks from the eyes. Too passé….  Besides, the pilot looked too Earthling.”  I told her that Michael Rennie, the actor who played the alien, was about as Earthling as one could get.  Continued

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.”  I told her that Michael Rennie, the actor who played the alien, was about as Earthling as one could get. 
She smiled and continued, “The next thing they heard were car doors slamming, and the government guys driving off in a hurry. Your grandfather said they looked `frustrated` ”.  After sunset, a parts package was placed by the barn door.  My grandpa and papa were gone within 30 minutes, after grandpa did the fix.  But not before your grandfather had given them six more boiled corn cobs, and told them ‘for the road’.  They also took seeds to plant corn back home.  It is now very popular.” 
I told Kira that I understood a lot now.  Then I let her know what happened the next day.   “My grandfather’s tales now make sense.  The following morning, the sheriff showed up at the ranch, saying that he was told there was a still on the property.”  My grandfather laughed.   The sheriff said, “Sorry, I have a search warrant.”  The sheriff was serious.  He wanted to check the barn.  My grandfather let them in, and all they found was discarded corn cobs from the previous day.    The sheriff left the barn.   He said, “I don’t know what you did to those Federal guys, but you must have ticked them off big time.  Sorry to bug you.”  The sheriff left. 
“In those days, the mid 1960s, there was no DNA testing.  I imagine what they’d have found if they collected the corn cobs and run a test on the saliva traces.   My grandmother didn’t want my grandpa talking about this event ever among my mom and her sisters.  She even went to the pastor of their church.   But our pastor said that God does many things, and life outside earth was just one of His many miracles.   In time my grandmother became cool with the story, and regretted never having seen ‘the visitors’, as she called them.”.   Kira seemed to be interested that the whole thing tied together.   
When the eating and socializing finished, we returned to the mating room and, Rufus had his way with the other female.    Again, Rufus was ready and on the spot, and the earlier encounter did seem to slow him down. As we were leaving the room, I remembered I had a handful of dog treats I kept for Rufus in my pocket.  As I handed the treats to the captain, I said, “For the girls” and he looked at them, and smiled.   
Kira said, "We will take you back to where you came in.”   When we got to the door, I thanked her for all the hospitality.  Then, remembering a quote from an old story, I said to her, "Second star on the right, straight on 'till morning".  She giggled, then she kissed me on the cheek, and as I entered the room alone, she said, "Yes, my mother read me Peter Pan when I was a child."  The door closed behind me, and I was in the room only with Rufus.  I was amused by what she said, but in the end, thought it all made sense.  Now, the room darkened, and I lost consciousness again.   
I came to in my car, with Rufus in the back seat.   My car started normally, and I began to return home.   It was dawn.  I had been gone all night.  I turned on the radio and heard of all the talk of flying saucers that had been seen overnight...And then on the radio, I heard the authorities from the Air Force commenting about more weather balloons having escaped the base 100 miles away.  I realized that I couldn't tell anyone about what had happened...   Who would believe me?  Soon I thought I would dismiss it as an odd though not unpleasant dream.   Besides, who would believe me about a cute alien woman, and breeding dogs on a flying saucer?  Then, in my pocket I found an envelope containing 20 new $100 bills.  There was a note, "I believe the stud fee per mating is $1000.  Thanks for your help."   The money was real. Contimued

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A little over two months later I received a letter.   It was postmarked from Pioche, Nevada.  Inside the envelope there was a greeting card, "Hello from Area 51."   Inside the card there was a picture of Kira, holding a little puppy.   On the back it said, "Congratulations.  Rufus is the papa of two litters; 15 pups in all."  Kira’s note closed with, "Second star on the right, straight on ‘till morning.  See you soon."   And, a smiley face...
See you soon?  I hoped that really I would encounter Kira again.   I expected to.   I looked at the clock, and saw that it is time for Rufus and I to take a walk.  I put his leash on and we headed to the park.  It was starting to get dark.
The End