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Title: Freedom, comfort and delight
Post by: the Administration on July 24, 2012, 01:10:16 pm
The be-all and end-all of this forum is to serve its Members as follows: All Members will at once experience here a tremendous sense of freedom and confident comfort. Here there is absolute certitude that there will never be any denigration or abuse. And of course you may have as many different user-names as you like - no problem! It is the combination of these two attributes - freedom and comfort - that gives this forum its unique atmosphere, we believe.

And you may be assured that all this will be taken care of quietly, behind the scenes, without fuss or discussion. It is achieved simply through the consistent application of our six rules.

[And although I would not wish to draw unwarranted attention to it, perhaps we should note the existence of a small "unmoderated" area, entitled "Limbo," to which posts deemed unsuitable for the main forum are removed. Access to the Limbo area will be granted by sending a personal message to the Administrator account.]

Title: Just six rules
Post by: the Administration on October 25, 2012, 01:26:07 pm
As is the case in any forum, there are just a few essential rules:

  • No bad language or unpleasant subjects please;
  • No discussion of the personal characteristics or motives of fellow members - courtesy must come first;
  • Of course nothing illegal;
  • Contributors should in general attempt to keep to the subject of the thread in which they are posting - the idea is that each message will refer back to, and expand upon, what has already been said by others;
  • If disparaging remarks about the moral character of any musician (living or dead) are posted, a reference to some published authority should be cited as support and justification;
  • And no hawkers or canvassers thank you, it is an entirely unsuitable location.

Also please note that new members are expected to make at least three posts in their first two weeks, and the membership of people who have contributed nothing for six months will be automatically cancelled.

We trust that Members will not find these rules restrictive in any way. The great thing is to enjoy the experience!