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Title: Azerbaijani Music
Post by: jowcol on March 18, 2014, 05:17:09 pm
Suleiman Aleskerov: Double Concerto for Cello, Piano and Orchestra (1947)

From the collection of Karl Miller

Edfa Iskenderde (sp?) cello
Azra Aleskerov, piano
Azerbajan State SO/R. Melik-Astanov

NOTE:  I didn't find an Azerbaijani section in Discussions.  If there is. I ask our wise, all-knowing admin to fix my error.  Thanks!

Title: Re: Azerbaijani Music
Post by: christopher on February 15, 2017, 01:03:51 am
Hajibeyov, Üzeyir (1885-1948)

There's an official website devoted to his music - ( - it has a lot of uploads.  But they are in some weird format (".ogg").  I've converted them all to mp3 and put in the downloads section. A curious mixture - complete operas, full orchestral pieces (symphonic, concertante), chamber, solo piano, folk pieces, romances, oriental pieces, Soviet propaganda works, variety show pieces...

I haven't listened to them all yet but so far I like the various pieces called "Sensiz" (which means "Without You") - it exists in various forms, including solo piano, song with orchestra, etc. Also I like the fantasies, Jangi Rhapsody, overtures, Firuza's aria, Sweetheart.....

Hajibeyov can also be spelt Hajibəyov, Hacıbəyov, Khadzhibekov, Gadzhibekov etc etc.