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Title: Yves Nat (1890-1956): Piano Concerto
Post by: kyjo on April 21, 2013, 04:32:40 am
French pianist Yves Nat, most renowned for his legendary recordings of the Beethoven Piano Sonatas, was also a composer, a fact little known to most. His most important composition, his Piano Concerto of 1953, can be found on YT (performed by the composer) along with an interview:

In the interview, Nat describes the work as being "a concerto for piano within the orchestra". As befits this description, the work is no virtuosic vehicle. It is a marvelously proportioned and orchestrated piece, with a sense of refinement only the French can achieve. If pressed to name a composer this work "sounds like", I would have to say Ravel, but I would not say that it is derivative in any way. The soulful atmosphere of the music does recall the Ravel left-hand concerto in some ways. This is a beautiful work which deserves to be heard!

BTW Nat also composed an oratorio, a symphonic poem for chorus and orchestra, chamber music and solo piano compositions.