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Title: forgotten pianists and conductors
Post by: t-p on November 10, 2012, 12:38:37 pm
There was interesting program on Russian television about conductor Sanderling.
He escaped to Russia from Nazi Germany. There was very tragic description about how he and his pregnant wife slept in train station for four days. They were frightened at every noise. Then they were taken to Novosibirsk where famous critic Sollertinsky was in conservatory.  the car was sent for them. It reads like one of Bulgakov's stories. They began to cry when they took them by car to the conservatory and had official welcoming party for them. There was Mravinsky there already. They were very different with Mravinsky and didn't become friends, but when three of them got together they trusted each other.

This is VICTOR MERZHANOV. I didn't see his name recently.

I didn't know that there is orchestra named Sollertinsky.

Title: Re: forgotten pianists and conductors
Post by: t-p on November 18, 2012, 09:22:03 am
They are celebrating 100 years since pianist and teacher Flier's birth.

Flier was Igumnov's students and there are stories how Igumnov cried when he heard Flier playing something (probably Romantic repertoire).

There was Vladimir Feltsman remembering his teacher. Among other things he remembered how Flier was on jury in  Chopin competition and Martha Algerich did not make it on the third round. Flier simply left and didn't leave his hotel room until she was in the  third round and she went on to win it of course.

He also remembered that when he developed interest in Bach Flier told him to go and listen to different recordings and read books. He didn't want to influence him becasue he didn't feel as secure in that repertoire .I think there was beginning of period instrument movement then.

Tis is in Russisan.

Father of Feltsman is very famous composer (wrote songs). He siad that he had no questions where his son has to study. Maxim Shostakovich studied with him too.

Here is documentary about Flier and he is with his teacher Flier.

Oborin, Babajanyn, Bella Davidovich among others were Igumnov's students (and may I add my teacher Egorov was his student too).