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Title: Russian Trumpet Concertos from MD&G
Post by: kyjo on October 04, 2012, 08:38:34 pm
How about this exciting upcoming release from MD&G, scheduled for release on November 27th (in the US, at least):
-Ilya Shakhov (1925-1988): Romantic Concerto for trumpet and orchestra (22 minutes)
-Alexander Arutiunian (1920-2012): Trumpet Concerto in A-flat major (12 minutes)
-Oskar Bohme: "La Napolitaine", tarantelle, op. 25 (4 minutes)
-Sergei Vasilenko (1872-1956): Trumpet Concerto in C minor "Concert Poem" (16 minutes)
-Alexander Goedicke (1877-1957): Concert Etude, op. 49 (orch. by Gene Mullins) (3 minutes)
Reinhold Freidrich, trumpet
Gottinger Symphonie Orchester
Christoph-Matthias Mueller, conductor